Security card for using a gematik-approved eHealth card terminal
item number: gSMC-KT-2.0
Security card for clear identification of the card terminal, which is necessary for using a gematik-approved eHealth card terminal within the telematics infrastructure. Can be used in all gematik-approved eHealth card terminals (see current gematik list at Card term 5 years from production date (or until December 31, 2025) Security Module Card in ID-000 format.
enverlope with letter, CHERRY Karte gSMC-KT
The gSMC-KT-2.0 is the security card for the clear identification of the eHealth card terminal within the telematics infrastructure and brings added security for all applications. It is mandatory for gematik to use for the operation of eHealth terminals and can be used in any eHealth terminal with a card slot for the ID-000 format. With an easy-to-check seal sticker above the card slot, you increase security against attempted manipulation (e.g. included in the scope of delivery of the CHERRY eHealth card terminal ST-1506). We would be happy to advise you on our eHealth products and support you in setting them up in your working environment in the healthcare sector:

Technical Details

Warranty 2 years warranty
Max. storage temperature 140 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Scope of delivery enverlope with letter, CHERRY Karte gSMC-KT
System Requirements-Hardware eGK keyboard or eHealth terminal
Product colour White

Note: Compatible with eHealth terminal ST-1506 and eGK keyboard G87-1505. 

CHERRY recommendation:

  • Use gSMC-KT version 2.1 for both products. But: The use of the gSMC-KT version 2.1 with the eGK keyboard G87-1505 requires a firmware update (3.3.3).
  • You can download the firmware file in the download area - please follow the instructions in the separate installation guide:
  • To minimize your administration effort, our CHERRY Support will contact you before the security card expires. This service is available to all registered users. Contact form gSMCKT - Cherry
  • Available from the following sources of supply: eHealth sources of supply - Cherry