CHERRY keyboards are state-of-the-art, top quality and highly durable. They can be used for gaming as well as office and other multimedia applications.

CHERRY Keyboards
CHERRY Keyboards

Keyboards: The Heart of Digital Interaction

The keyboard – an inconspicuous but indispensable element in the digital world. Whether typing emails, composing texts, or gaming: the right keyboard is crucial for a comfortable and efficient user experience. We'll show you what to consider when buying a keyboard. 

Overview of the World of Keyboards

We explore with you the variety of keyboards and shed light on which models and features are particularly in demand:

Gaming Keyboards

A high-quality gaming keyboard can make the difference between victory and defeat. Top-notch components, the most precise keystrokes, and lightning-fast response time - all of these characterize CHERRY gaming keyboards. Mechanical keyboards, in particular, are favored by professional players. Get an overview of all CHERRY gaming keyboards here:

Wired Keyboards

Wired keyboards are a classic in the world of peripherals. With their secure cable connection, they represent a always-ready and durable companion. Mechanical gaming keyboards with cables, in particular, are highly popular among professional users. At CHERRY, you'll find a wide selection of wired keyboards:

Mechanical Keyboards

CHERRY mechanical keyboards stand for the highest quality and absolute precision. Equipped with mechanical switches, they provide a unique typing feel. Mechanical keyboards are particularly popular among demanding users, such as gamers. Original CHERRY MX switches offer you individual freedom - type as you like. Here's the range of mechanical CHERRY keyboards:

Office Keyboards

Whether in the office or home office - nothing works without the right office keyboard. Efficiency, design, and comfort unite in CHERRY office keyboards, making long typing sessions a pleasure. Mostly quiet and flat keyboards are highly popular in work environments. Find the suitable office keyboard for your desk:

Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards are celebrating their triumph thanks to state-of-the-art wireless technologies - not only in office environments but also in gaming. A wireless keyboard offers its user not only writing comfort but also the highest flexibility and freedom. Especially compact or cable-free mini-keyboards are particularly appreciated for mobile work. Discover the variety of wireless CHERRY keyboards:

Mac Keyboards

MAC users have specific requirements for their keyboard. In addition to the characteristic MAC layout, appealing design also plays an important role. CHERRY offers various keyboards in MAC design, providing a real alternative. With or without a cable, the choice is yours. Here's the selection of MAC keyboards:

hygiene keyboard

Hygienic keyboards

Hygiene keyboards are specially designed input devices equipped with disinfectable surfaces to reduce the spread of germs. They are easy to clean and provide a clean solution for work environments where hygiene is of utmost importance. With these features, they are the optimal choice for industries such as healthcare, food industry, or laboratories where hygiene regulations must be strictly adhered to.

Quality, durability, innovation

Specialized CHERRY Keyboards in Focus

Did you know that CHERRY manufactured the very first keyboard in 1973, making it the most experienced keyboard manufacturer worldwide? Today, CHERRY keyboards are synonymous with quality, innovation, design, and sustainability. In addition to mechanical keyboards with original CHERRY MX switches, you'll also find keyboards with the popular CHERRY SX scissor mechanism or membrane keyboards. The durability, chic design, and versatile models make CHERRY the first choice for discerning users.

Furthermore, we offer you the free CHERRY KEYS software for customizing your keyboard. For more sophisticated programming, you can use the equally free CHERRY UTILITY software for selected CHERRY keyboards.


Keyboard Layouts: An Overview

Keyboard layouts are arrangements of keys on a keyboard used by various regions and countries. The two main types of keyboard layouts frequently used are ANSI and ISO.

ANSI Keyboard Layout:

ANSI stands for the American National Standards Institute and is a keyboard layout common in the United States and some other closely related countries. The ANSI layout is characterized by its specific arrangement of keys, including the Enter key, the backspace key, and the position of the tilde (~) and backslash ().

A characteristic feature of the ANSI layout is the large Enter key, known as "Big Enter," which is vertically arranged. The ANSI layout is frequently used for computers and laptops in North American countries.

ISO Keyboard Layout:

ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization, and the ISO keyboard layout is widespread in Europe and many other parts of the world. Compared to the ANSI layout, there are some notable differences in the ISO layout. The Enter key is wider and horizontally arranged, and the backslash key is usually to the left of the Enter key.

ISO layouts are used in many European countries, including Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. A well-known example of an ISO layout is the German QWERTZ layout.

Differences and Compatibility:

The main differences between ANSI and ISO layouts are the shape of the Enter key, the position of the backslash, and some other minor arrangement differences. These differences may require adjustments when users switch between the two layouts.

It's important to note that many modern keyboards today often support both ANSI and ISO layouts. Some keyboards even have switchable keys for different layouts to ensure compatibility for users worldwide.

Overall, ANSI and ISO are two of the most common keyboard layouts used worldwide, with the choice often depending on geographical and regional preferences.

Original CHERRY Quality

Find the Optimal Keyboard for Every Need at CHERRY

The world of keyboards offers an impressive variety to meet the most diverse needs. From ergonomic to quiet, from flat to special layouts - the right keyboard is crucial for a pleasant and efficient user experience. Find the keyboard that suits your individual needs at CHERRY and make your digital life easier.

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