eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516

eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516
Easily disinfectable PIN-Pad for greater comfort and hygiene for patients and medical professionals
item number: eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516
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OCR scanner
Telematics infrastructure
gematik approval
High-resolution color display (720p, 5”) for better readability and operation
Easily disinfectable touchscreen glass surface for optimal hygiene
Clear separation between patient and medical professionals
(Prepared) Reading and writing of contactless cards through 2 NFC interfaces (back and display)
(Prepared) Camera-based 5MP 2D barcode scanner for scanning data matrix & QR codes (e.g. ePrescription)
Flexible device orientation: 1. lying or 2. standing as wall mounting
One-handed operation
2 year warranty
Manual, eHealth PIN-Pad, USB-A to USB-C Cable
The CHERRY eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516 is a modern and easily disinfectable solution for healthcare workplaces and an optional extension for the well-known eHealth terminal ST-1506. Special applications of the telematics infrastructure (e.g. for creating or reading the electronic medication plan eMP, the emergency management NFDM or the electronic patient file ePA) require the patient to enter their PIN. CHERRY offers the optimal solution for this with the eHealth PIN Pad PP-1516: The easily disinfectable PIN-Pad is placed on the patient's side in medical facilities and thus enables the PIN to be entered conveniently and hygienically. The clear separation of devices from patients and medical professionals ensures an efficient workflow. Prepared with an NFC interface, medical facilities such as doctor's offices, hospitals and pharmacies are equipped for the future. Technically, the eHealth PIN-Pad from CHERRY impresses with a high-resolution color display for optimal readability and a 5-megapixel camera for reading data matrix codes, for example for the e-prescription. The professional CHERRY Support is there for you if you have any questions about the eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516 or the other CHERRY eHealth products and need support with the setup: +49 9643 2061-100

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Technical Details

Warranty 2 years warranty
Cable-length 6.56 ft
Max. storage temperature 149 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Scope of delivery Manual, eHealth PIN-Pad, USB-A to USB-C Cable
System Requirements-Hardware CHERRY ST-1506 (optional to PC with USB port)
Smart card
Chip card types ISO 14443A Cards, ISO 14443B Cards
Display resolution vertical 1,280 Pixel
Display resolution horizontal 720 Pixel
Display width 50.000027 in
Display with touch operation yes
SmartCard-Speed 848 kBit/s
Status display of chip card reader display icons, LED
SW interface SICCT
Clock frequency 1,200 MHz
Chip-card reader type contactless
BYD data
Width of product without packaging 3,15 in
Weight main product 12 oz
Height of product without packaging 2,56 in
Length of product without packaging 6,69 in
CHERRY eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516

Easily disinfectable PIN-Pad for greater comfort and hygiene for patients and medical professionals

The CHERRY eHealth PIN pad PP-1516 is a modern and easily disinfectable solution for workplaces in the healthcare sector and is approved by gematik. Telematics infrastructure applications (e.g. eMP, NFDM, ePA) require the patient to enter a PIN. With the PP-1516 PIN pad, CHERRY offers the ideal terminal device for convenience and hygiene on the patient side.


Ideal extension for the CHERRY card terminal

The PP-1516 PIN pad complements the existing ST-1506 card terminal from CHERRY, which can already be used to optimally implement telematics infrastructure (TI) applications, some of which are mandatory, such as insured person master data management (VSDM) or secure communication in the medical sector (KIM). The easily disinfectable PIN pad is placed on the patient's side in medical facilities, making it easy and convenient to enter the PIN. In conjunction with the card terminal, the PP-1516 PIN pad ensures a clear separation between patients and healthcare professionals to make the workflow even more efficient and optimize hygiene. 

ehealth pin pad

Why is a PIN pad needed?

  • Clear separation of patients and healthcare professionals
  • Optimized hygiene through easier cleaning (no open card slots)
  • Protection of the card terminal (e.g. to prevent damage to the terminal when entering a PIN)
  • Prevention of loss/damage to security cards
  • Better usability (e.g. for wheelchair users) - can be mounted vertically and horizontally

When is it necessary to enter a PIN?

Use eGK PIN required by patient eHBA PIN required by LE    
Read emergency data records (NFDM) (if activated)      
Write emergency data records (NFDM)      
Read electronic medication plan (eMP)      
Write electronic medication plan (eMP)      
Read electronic patient file (ePA)      
Write electronic patient file (ePA)      

Future-proof preparation for e-prescriptions and other applications

  • Thanks to the integration of contactless/NFC interfaces, the PP-1516 PIN pad is also prepared for extended telematics infrastructure applications on the hardware side. The NFC antennas are located on the back with card holder for longer read/write processes (e.g. eMP) and on the display surface for shorter read processes.
  • The PIN pad is equipped with a 5 MP camera (for scanning data matrix and QR codes) for the fast and practical recording of e.g. e-prescriptions in order to increasingly optimize processes in pharmacies, surgeries and clinics. The use of these functions on the software side requires approval by gematik.

The PIN pad in a modern design has a color display with a touch surface for good readability of the displayed content. The PIN pad can be used both horizontally and vertically via a wall bracket. The PIN pad can only be used with the eHealth Terminal ST-1506 and can be integrated flexibly via USB either directly on the device or indirectly via LAN on the PC/laptop.