Code of Business Conduct

Principles of Legal Compliance

Established by Walter Cherry in 1953, the family run business has been developed as one of the leading international developer and supplier for computer input devices. The brand name Cherry stands for highest quality, Innovation, technological competence and open and fair partnership.

Legality is one of the fundamental values of our company, and of paramount importance for me as CEO of the Cherry Group. We expect all our associates to follow the principle of strict compliance with all legal requirements. Violations of the law are not tolerated in our company. This applies without exception. To demonstrate the significance of this principle, we have summed up our position with regard to legal requirements and ethical issues. We are making this guide available as a Code of Business Conduct for all our associates. It is designed to outline the basic standards we seek to adhere to doing business for Cherry. If you are ever in doubt about what the right decision should be, or whether the right decision has been made, we urge you to consult your supervisor or the compliance officer appointed for your country.

Together we shoulder the responsibility for the reputation of our company towards all partners and towards the public.



CHERRY Code of Business Conduct