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Telematics infrastructure for nursing homes, physiotherapists and midwives

With the Digital Care and Nursing Modernization Act (DVPMG), it was decided in 2021 that there should be digital assistants for care, more telemedicine and modern networking in the healthcare system for the digital modernization of care and nursing.

Among other things, this means that other healthcare professions and tradespeople in the fields of nursing, physiotherapy and midwifery, etc. will also be able to connect to the TI.

Outpatient and inpatient nursing homes

Connection to the telematics infrastructure (TI) has been possible in principle since mid-2021 and will be mandatory for outpatient care services from mid-2025.

A model program has been initiated by the GKV Spitzenverband to promote the connection of care facilities. Information on this can be found on the website of the GKV-Spitzenverband.

The costs for the connection are funded as part of a financing agreement between the professional nursing associations and the GKV Spitzenverband. The funding can be claimed via the GKV application portal.


As part of the DVPMG, physiotherapists are also given the opportunity to connect to the digital health network for Germany, the telematics infrastructure (TI), and the whole thing is funded as part of a financing agreement between your professional associations and the GKV umbrella organization. The funding can be requested via the GKV application portal.


The DVPMG also stipulates that midwives may connect to the telematics infrastructure from mid-2021. With the TI, it will be possible to carry out master data synchronization (VSDM) of your client and enable access to the electronic patient file (ePA with digital maternity pass, U-booklet and vaccination pass), the e-prescription, the e-medication plan, the emergency data (NFDM) and KIM, the secure digital communication channel between service providers in the healthcare sector.

There is a funding agreement between your professional associations and the GKV-Spitzenverband for the costs of connecting to the TI for hardware, software and services, which covers both the one-off costs and the recurring operating costs. You can apply for this funding via the application portal of the GKV-Spitzenverband.

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Further information specifically for your professional group

You can apply for funding via the application portal of the GKV-Spitzenverband.

Information on how to connect to the TI can be obtained from your professional associations, but also from the well-known industry software providers and specialized IT service providers with extensive experience in the telematics infrastructure. 

Prerequisite for access to the telematics infrastructure

To be able to order the components for access to the TI, you need the following two documents, which you can order via the eGBR portal. You can only order your TI equipment from your trusted TI provider once you have both ID cards.

  • Electronic health professional card (eHBA)
  • Institution card (SMC-B)

Components for access to the telematics infrastructure

  • eHealth connector
  • eHealth card terminal
  • VPN access service
  • Other specialist services


The most powerful eHealth card terminal on the market

CHERRY eHealth card terminal ST-1506

Particularly relevant for care homes: With the CHERRY eHealth card terminal ST-1506, you have a wide range of connection options for easy integration into your environment, e.g. via LAN or USB. The included remote interface (REST API) enables centralized setup, management and monitoring of the connected terminals.

Particularly relevant for physiotherapists or midwives: The ST-1506 eHealth card terminal from CHERRY shows how hygienic design and smart functionalities can be securely combined for your inpatient practice. This is confirmed by awards such as the German IT security certificate from the BSI and the IF Design Award.

In addition, the ST-1506 terminal is also compatible with all other components in the telematics infrastructure, such as connectors or card terminals.

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  • eHealth Terminal ST-1506 and eHealth PIN-Pad PP-1516
  • eGK Keyboard

Watch this video to find out in which medical facilities the card terminals can be used and find the optimum configuration for your facility.

The telematics infrastructure aims to be the most secure electronic communication network in the history of the German healthcare system. This platform for electronic communication simplifies the exchange of information between the networked players (doctors, dentists, psychotherapists and members of other healthcare professions). All those involved in patient care can benefit from it to the same extent and, in addition, data security and data protection in the healthcare system are fundamentally improved.

Other advantages of the telematics infrastructure include:

  • The establishment of a digital directory that enables comprehensive communication between all connected institutions and their organizations.
  • Facilitating care across different facilities and sectors and avoiding IT islands and media disruptions.
  • The comprehensive provision of patient applications such as electronic emergency data management or the electronic medication plan. This information can also improve the targeted diagnosis and treatment of unknown patients.
  • The introduction of uniform standards for data security and data protection in addition to official certification of all technical components used (e.g. eHC card terminals) by public testing authorities. This goes hand in hand with maximizing legal certainty for all users and increasing patients' trust in the electronic transmission of their sensitive data.

eGK keyboard G87-1505

  • Space-saving and convenient solution: no additional device and no additional installation work required
  • Simple and clear operation with display directly on the keypad
  • Smart & fast networking via USB: No additional LAN connection
  • Connection to the connector possible via WLAN

eHealth Terminal ST-1506

  • The high-resolution color display enables good readability and intuitive operation
  • The glass surface enables easy disinfection
  • Prepared for the optional patient PIN pad (PP-1516): Connection via USB
  • Especially for clinics/medical centers: the terminal can be operated without a power supply unit via Power-Over Ethernet

Comprehensive information on connecting your medical facility with step-by-step instructions, checklists and overviews of the approved components and services can be found on the official gematik website.

Watch this video to find out in which medical facilities the card terminals and PIN pad can be used and find the optimal configuration for your facility.

About CHERRY Digital Health

For over 25 years, CHERRY has stood for German quality products in the healthcare sector and has successfully supported customers in the digital transformation and connection to the telematics infrastructure with secure and elegant end devices. CHERRY eHealth products mean maximum security. Whether readers for health cards and doctor's ID cards, biometric logon or disinfectable terminals and washable keyboards. We focus on smart solutions, high quality and certified components. Our portfolio also includes the development and production of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

Our expertise

At CHERRY, we bring our extensive experience in data security, regulation and approval processes to the complex telematics infrastructure. With our modern card terminals for medical practices, pharmacies, clinics and other user groups, we are the fastest growing provider in this field as a German company.

To ensure the greatest possible protection of patient data from the outset, there is a corresponding "secure supply chain" for the TI. Only approved partners who meet the high security requirements for storage and delivery may be supplied by CHERRY.

You can find our sources of supply here.

Please also contact your system partner or software provider.

Digital applications will make a major contribution to the faster and more complete availability of medical information, which is essential for the treatment of patients. The care of patients with statutory health insurance in Germany will be significantly improved.

You can find out more about the applications on the gematik website.