Hygiene Keyboards

Hygiene keyboards from CHERRY offer an outstanding combination of top-notch quality and reliable hygiene. With innovative features such as SX scissor technology and low-profile keys, they ensure not only precise input but also easy cleaning for a hygienic work environment. CHERRY hygienic keyboards are the ideal choice for companies and organizations that value first-class performance and hygienic safety.

CHERRY Hygiene keyboards
Clinical purity for every work environment

Hygiene keyboards by CHERRY

Hygiene keyboards are a specialized solution to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, ensuring an antibacterial work environment. They are particularly suitable for hygiene-critical areas, such as the medical or food sectors. 

The advantages of hygiene keyboards

These disinfectable keyboards offer a range of advantages, making them an optimal choice for various applications.

Fully sealed surface

Hygiene keyboards are equipped with special silicone membranes that allow for easy cleaning of the keyboard, for example, by wiping with disinfectant. The surface is fully sealed, preventing the entry of germs, bacteria, or contaminated cleaning fluids.

disinfectable keyboard

Easy cleaning

Thanks to their gap-free design, hygiene keyboards are particularly easy to clean and disinfect. They can be easily cleaned with commercial cleaning agents, and no special maintenance products are required. Even harsh disinfectants cannot harm the keyboard.


Hygiene keyboards are robustly constructed, making them not only hygienic but also durable, suitable for demanding (industrial) environments.

Disinfectable and medical keyboards by CHERRY

For hygiene-critical areas

As a leading manufacturer of input devices, CHERRY offers a wide range of medical keyboards that meet the highest standards of hygiene, quality, and typing comfort. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, CHERRY hygiene keyboards are characterized by the following features:

Highest flexibility

At CHERRY, you will find the right hygiene keyboard for your specific application. In some models, the silicone membrane can be removed, allowing, for example, steam cleaning. Other models come with a glued and therefore completely waterproof (IP68 standard) membrane. This feature makes them particularly suitable for environments where moisture or liquids are a factor, such as medical facilities or industrial plants.

Low-profile design

The low-profile key design not only provides an elegant appearance but also offers a practical solution for improved hygiene. Due to the reduced height of the keys, there are fewer gaps where dirt, dust, and germs can accumulate. Despite the flat and thus easy-to-clean profile, typing with a medical keyboard from CHERRY is always comfortable. The key profile is designed so that the keys are still palpable and therefore easy to hit.


Our hygiene keyboards are equipped with CHERRY SX scissor technology. This technology is characterized by its precise construction and durable design. Each key is provided with a special scissor structure that ensures stable and uniform movement. This ensures precise typing response, which remains consistent even with intensive use.

What hygiene keyboards does CHERRY offer?

If you are looking for a disinfectable, reliable, and high-quality hygiene keyboard, then you are in the right place with CHERRY. We offer a wide range of models – also for your specific application, including:

  • Mini or compact keyboards with or without touchpad for easy cleaning
  • Backlit keyboards for low-light environments
  • Medical keyboards with removable or glued membrane
  • Wireless keyboards for sterile environments
Hygienic PC keyboards by CHERRY

Waterproof, disinfectable, and antibacterial

Hygiene keyboards are an important investment for companies and organizations that value sterility, health, and productivity. With their easy-to-clean surfaces, user-friendly design, and ergonomic features, they not only protect against pathogens but also provide comfort and efficiency in the workplace. CHERRY hygiene keyboards stand for the highest quality, reliability, and innovation to meet the requirements of various applications. Invest in the health and hygiene of your work environment with hygiene keyboards from CHERRY.

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