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CHERRY Gaming Devices


Winning is passion, turned into performance. CHERRY XTRFY provides innovative solutions that empower gaming enthusiasts to be the best. It supports them with a whole ecosystem of customizable products that reflect their ideas and mastery - from reliable keyboards to super fast mice to advanced microphones and headsets.
We are passionate about gaming - and never satisfied. We level up gaming experiences by developing our products in a close relationship with the esports community. Because they know best what they need, and we know best how to build it. As the inventor of the standard-setting mechanical switch and developer of the world's fastest gaming mouse, CHERRY is committed to high-quality standards that make gaming responsive and fun even after extensive sessions.

Gaming Products

CHERRY Gaming Keyboards

Gaming Keyboards

Our gaming keyboards offer exceptional durability and precision thanks to the original CHERRY MX switches inside. They also feature innovative designs and customizable options, providing an unparalleled gaming experience for both casual gamers and esports professionals.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mice

Our gaming mice deliver pinpoint accuracy and swift responsiveness, essential for competitive gaming. With carefully designed shapes and ultra-light constructions, they offer both comfort and versatility for all types of gamers.

Gaming Microphone


Our microphones for gaming and streaming provide crystal-clear audio quality and reliable noise cancellation, ensuring clear communication during intense gaming sessions. With user-friendly controls and robust build quality, they are ideal for both casual gamers and professional streamers.

Gaming Accessories

Our gaming accessories, including high-quality mouse pads, hot-swappable MX switches and microphone arms, are designed to further enhance your gaming experience. Customize your gaming setup to your liking with our accessories.


CHERRY MX switches – Gaming performance with precise actuation and fast input with individual type feeling. Engineered and manufactured in Germany for maximum reliability and durability. Original mechanical keyswitch technology to be one step ahead in every game.


CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology allows for extremely fast communications between PCs or laptops and its peripherals – using a special Bluetooth low latency technology. This results in extremely fast wireless gaming input devices that can be the millisecond of difference between victory or defeat. The full CHERRY gaming power without cables. Empowering ambitious gaming.


CHERRY UTILITY allows enthusiasts and serious gamers to customize their CHERRY XTRFY gaming through micro programming, lighting control and many other custom detail settings such as individual key assignments. With CHERRY UTILITY you directly make software customizations onto your hardware, making an actively running software in the background redundant.

CHERRY's Input for Gamers' Output

Equipped to be the best

We provide forward-thinking solutions that boost an extra performance to the game.

Built to make the difference

We ensure high quality to make gaming feel responsive and smooth even after extensive sessions.

Designed to be unique

We support gaming enthusiasts with customizable products that reflect their ideas.

Passionate about gaming

We are never satisfied. We level up gaming experiences by working closely with the community.

Gaming Product Highlights

We’re passionate about esports and after years of collaborating with professional players, we’re putting our hearts into growing our presence in competitive gaming. Ramping up our efforts in esports, we’re committed to creating new products that help gamers win.