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Take your gaming experience to the next level with CHERRY gaming keyboards. Equipped with original CHERRY MX switches, our gaming keyboards score with lightning-fast key response, durability and precision. With innovative design and customizable features, CHERRY gaming keyboards offer a premium gaming experience for both casual gamers and esports professionals looking for the highest level of performance and comfort.

CHERRY Gaming Keyboards
Maximum Gaming Fun, Ultimate Performance

Gaming Keyboards by CHERRY

Gaming keyboards are more than just input devices – they are the key to the immersive gaming world. Whether it's breathtaking MMOs, nerve-wracking shooters, or strategic real-time strategy games, a high-quality gaming keyboard can make the difference between victory and defeat. Dive into the fascinating world of gaming keyboards with us!

The Benefits of Gaming Keyboards

Choosing the best gaming keyboard depends on individual preferences and requirements. Here are some features that top models have in common:

Precision and Speed

Good gaming keyboards are designed to meet the demands of demanding players. Mechanical switches allow for precise and fast key presses, which can make the difference in crucial gaming situations. The keys are designed to remain durable and responsive even with intensive use.

Customizable Backlighting

The ability to customize the lighting individually is another highlight of keyboards for gamers. Players can not only set their personal color preferences but also optimize the lighting for specific games. This not only contributes to the atmosphere but can also promote concentration.

N-Key Rollover

N-Key Rollover (NKRO) or Full-N-Key Rollover is crucial for gaming keyboards as it allows for the simultaneous capture of multiple key presses. This function eliminates ghosting effects and ensures that every key action is accurately detected. For gamers, this means responsive and reliable control, even with complex key combinations, providing a crucial advantage in the game.

Anti-Ghosting Technology

NKRO is often confused with Anti-Ghosting. In reality, however, Anti-Ghosting addresses a different phenomenon: it ensures that every simultaneous key press is properly recognized, thus preventing the occurrence of so-called "ghost keys." This is particularly important for gamers who use closely spaced keys.

CHERRY Gaming Keyboards

Specifically Designed for Gamers

CHERRY is known for its high-quality mechanical keyboards, which offer all the aforementioned benefits. You can also look forward to the following advantages:

Original CHERRY MX

Equipped with the original CHERRY MX switches, they also provide unique feedback and outstanding durability. This makes them the first choice for demanding gamers who require the highest precision and long-lasting reliability.

In-house CHERRY Gaming Software

CHERRY's gaming keyboards are specially tailored to the needs of gamers. The free CHERRY UTILITY software offers individually programmable keys and macro functions. Robust components and sophisticated ergonomic design complete the overall picture, making CHERRY MX keyboards the ideal tool for hours of gaming sessions.

Compatibility and Versatility

CHERRY gaming keyboards are not only powerful but also versatile. With their compatibility with various platforms and systems, they are the perfect choice for players who are on the go, whether on PC or consoles. CHERRY's in-house CHERRY ADVANCED WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY also allows for lightning-fast responsiveness even in wireless mode via Bluetooth®.

Which is the best gaming keyboard by CHERRY?

The world of gaming keyboards is diverse and offers the right solution for players of all levels – the selection at CHERRY is impressive:

  • Advanced Bluetooth® gaming keyboards with CHERRY ADVANCED WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY
  • Mechanical mini keyboards for maximum flexibility while gaming
  • Colorful, black, or white gaming keyboards for every setup
  • Customizable hot swap keyboards with original CHERRY MX switches
  • Illuminated mechanical low-profile keyboards in up to 16 million different colors

CHERRY keyboards are the ultimate equipment for gamers

Ultimately, the right gaming keyboard is the key to unparalleled gaming fun. Precise mechanisms, customizable lighting, and gaming-optimized features make them an indispensable part of any gaming setup. CHERRY's gaming keyboards set standards by not only offering the highest quality and precision but also catering to the specific needs of gamers at every level. Get the perfect keyboard for your optimal gaming experience from CHERRY!

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