Wireless Keyboards

CHERRY wireless keyboards combine premium performance with the flexibility of wireless connectivity. With reliable Bluetooth® technology or 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity, they offer wireless freedom suitable for both professional use and gaming. The stylish designs and durable keys make CHERRY's wireless keyboards a convenient and efficient choice for users who value mobility and precision in equal measure.

CHERRY Wireless Keyboards
Flexibility and Comfort in the Digital Age

Wireless Keyboards by CHERRY

In the modern workplace of hybrid work models, wireless keyboards have become indispensable companions: whether for daily use in the office, gaming, or home office. Due to state-of-the-art technologies, wireless keyboards are also increasingly making their way into the professional gaming sector. Are you looking for the best wireless keyboard for you and your individual needs? We are happy to assist you!

The Advantages of Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards, also known as cordless keyboards, offer a variety of advantages that make them a popular option:

Freedom and Flexibility

With a wireless keyboard, you are no longer tied to a fixed or stationary workspace. This is particularly useful in times of hybrid working, shared desk models, and mobile work. Enjoy the freedom to move around the room without cable connections – whether during office presentations or while comfortably working on the sofa.

Cable-Free Organization

The flexibility in positioning the keyboard without cables allows for individual adjustment to your needs and preferences. Additionally, wireless keyboards ensure a tidy workspace, free from unsightly cable clutter.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Wireless technology allows for various connectivity options, including Bluetooth® or a USB receiver via a 2.4 GHz wireless connection. Thus, wireless or Bluetooth® keyboards enable seamless connection to various devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and smart TVs. Effortlessly connect your cordless keyboard via the USB dongle using plug-and-play functionality. Multi-device keyboards allow for simultaneous connection to multiple devices.

CHERRY Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Quality Meets Innovation

For the highest standards of quality and innovation, CHERRY keyboards are an outstanding choice. Our wireless models combine state-of-the-art technology with sleek design to provide you with an optimal user experience. Wireless CHERRY keyboards fulfill all the advantages we have presented to you: cordless freedom and flexibility with maximum organization and compatibility with various devices.

CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology

We also have the perfect wireless CHERRY keyboard available for the most demanding users, such as professional gamers. Thanks to the latest wireless technologies, wireless keyboards no longer need to hide from their wired alternatives. Read more about CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology here:

Key Technologies for Wireless CHERRY Keyboards

Furthermore, you benefit from our years of keyboard expertise. You have the choice: Do you opt for genuine CHERRY MX switches for your wireless keyboard? Or do you trust the in-house CHERRY SX scissor mechanism? Or perhaps you prefer a cost-effective wireless membrane keyboard? Learn more about our key technologies here:

Customize Keys: CHERRY KEYS

The free CHERRY KEYS software allows you to customize various keys individually - and that with (almost) any keyboard! Find all information about CHERRY KEYS here:

Wireless and Customizable: CHERRY UTILITY

For even more impressive programming, use the also free CHERRY UTILITY software for selected CHERRY Wireless Gaming Keyboards. More information about CHERRY UTILITY can be found here:

Which Wireless Keyboards Does CHERRY Offer?

Are you looking for a high-quality keyboard without cables with state-of-the-art keyboard technologies? Then you've come to the right place at CHERRY. We offer a diverse selection of wireless models:

  • State-of-the-art mechanical wireless gaming keyboards: Original CHERRY MX Switches meet CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology
  • Compact and slim mini Bluetooth® keyboards: Maximum flexibility and organization in any work environment
  • Illuminated wireless RGB keyboards: Colorful trendsetters in over 16 million color variations
  • Wireless multi-device keyboards: Rechargeable for tireless typing on various devices
  • Disinfectable cable-free keyboard: For medical or rugged work environments

Wireless CHERRY Keyboards for a New Dimension of Freedom

With wireless keyboards, you experience a new dimension of freedom and flexibility in using your digital devices. CHERRY keyboards offer the perfect combination of quality, innovation, and design. Invest in a wireless keyboard and experience how technology makes your everyday life more comfortable.

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