Wired Keyboards

CHERRY wired keyboards set the standard for reliability and performance. The robust wired design ensures a stable connection, making our wired keyboards a preferred choice for demanding users. Whether at work, gaming, in harsh industrial environments, schools or universities, CHERRY wired keyboards always deliver quality and durability.

CHERRY corded keyboards
Precision and Comfort for Efficient Work

Wired Keyboards by CHERRY

Choosing the right keyboard is crucial for a seamless and efficient work or gaming experience. Wired keyboards, in particular, are highly popular for providing a reliable connection, precision, and durability. We assist you in making the right choice by introducing the key features of a good wired keyboard.

Advantages of Wired Keyboards

Wired keyboards, also known as corded keyboards, offer a direct connection to the computer. This provides several advantages, including:

Reliable Connection and Fast Response Time

The direct connection minimizes possible interferences, resulting in a stable connection and lightning-fast response time. This is especially important for gamers and professional users who rely on highly precise inputs.

No Batteries Required

Unlike wireless alternatives, wired keyboards do not require batteries or charging breaks. They are continuously powered through the keyboard cable, ensuring they are always ready for work or play.

Instant and Uncomplicated Functionality

Simply connect your keyboard to your PC or laptop using the cable, and you're ready to go. Modern wired keyboards can be connected via USB cable, while older models often use the PS/2 port. In both cases, the connection is uncomplicated. The wired PC keyboard can be used immediately with plug-and-play functionality.

CHERRY Wired Keyboard

A Must-Have for PC Enthusiasts

Wired keyboards by CHERRY offer all the advantages we have introduced: they are reliable and stable, require no batteries, and are quickly and easily ready for use.

CHERRY Wired Keyboard Technologies

Additionally, benefit from our keyboard expertise: you can choose a mechanical wired keyboard with original CHERRY MX switches. Or opt for our in-house CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for durable and quiet typing. Or perhaps you prefer a cost-effective membrane wired keyboard? Here you can find more information about our various keyboard technologies:

Customizable Wired Keyboard with CHERRY KEYS

Moreover, you have the option to customize your keyboard according to your individual needs with the free CHERRY KEYS software. CHERRY KEYS is universally applicable, allowing you to customize (almost) any keyboard to your liking.

Customizable Gaming with CHERRY UTILITY

Have you chosen a high-performance CHERRY Gaming Keyboard with a cable? Then you can personalize it with the free CHERRY UTILITY software. CHERRY UTILITY is the solution for professionals, enthusiasts, and gamers with a compatible CHERRY product. More information about CHERRY UTILITY can be found here:

Which Wired Keyboards Does CHERRY Offer?

If you are looking for a reliable corded keyboard, CHERRY offers a wide selection of models:

  • Mechanical gaming keyboards with cables and original CHERRY MX switches for perfect precision
  • Compact wired keyboards for more space on the desk
  • Wired RGB keyboards with individual lighting options
  • Rechargeable keyboards with detachable cables for easier transport
  • Wired keyboards with ergonomic design for more comfortable typing
  • Flat keyboards with cables and the in-house CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for a pleasant typing feel
  • Disinfectable or robust wired keyboards, also suitable for rough working environments

Whether compact, illuminated, for work, or play, at CHERRY, you will undoubtedly find the right wired keyboard for your needs.

Wired CHERRY Keyboards for Maximum Performance

In the world of keyboards, wired models are the optimal choice for maximum performance, precision, and comfort. Especially CHERRY keyboards with a wired connection offer a top-notch solution for users who have the highest demands on their input devices. Convince yourself of our selection of professional wired keyboards!

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