NGALE Microphone Series

When engineering the NGALE MICROPHONE SERIES, the focus was on sound quality. They are suitable for streaming, voiceover and solo recordings with greater detail and depth.

Top Quality for Your Audio Recordings


Microphones are a crucial tool for any audio recording, whether for professional content creators, gaming setups, or personal use at home. The NGALE microphone series from CHERRY XTRFY offers the NGALE X, a professional hybrid microphone with USB and XLR connections, and the NGALE R, a premium USB microphone in a stylish retro design. Find the perfect microphone for your needs!

NGALE X - Professional USB & XLR Microphone

Highest Level of Sound Quality

The NGALE X microphone captures sound with exceptional clarity and detail. It is designed for studio-quality audio recordings, targeting both professional and aspiring creators. It can be easily connected via USB plug-and-play functionality, making it ready to use immediately and super flexible. Furthermore, it provides a professional XLR interface to make your audio recordings sound even more professional.

NGALE R - Premium USB Microphone

Retro Style for Gaming

With the NGALE R, your next gaming or streaming session will be an auditory and visual experience. The retro-inspired design makes this condenser microphone look as good as it sounds. It can be easily connected via USB, providing crystal-clear recordings in no time.


A Genuine Audio Highlight

Both microphones in the NGALE series feature a high-quality capsule with cardioid characteristics. This makes them excellent for streaming, voiceovers, and other solo recordings in the best sound quality. Additionally, both microphones are equipped with stylish RGB lighting.

Retro Microphone
XLR Microphone
USB Microphone
Microphone Arm

Perfect Microphone Accessories

Would you prefer to use a microphone arm instead of a tabletop microphone? No problem! Both microphones in the NGALE series are compatible with the convenient NGALE BOOM ARM. This microphone arm is robust and flexible at the same time. Adjustable hinges, a space-saving design, and integrated cable management perfectly complete the package.

NGALE Microphones

The Perfect Choice for Your Audio Needs

Our NGALE microphones provide everything you need for professional audio recordings: outstanding sound quality, versatility, durability, and user-friendliness. Whether you're a professional streamer, podcaster, or gamer, the NGALE microphones are the ideal solution to take your audio recordings to the next level. Choose NGALE and experience the difference in your audio quality!