KC 200 MX

KC 200 MX
Clear-cut design mechanical keyboard with anodized metal plate
item number: KC 200 MX
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Designed in Germany
Gold Crosspoint-Contact
Mechanical MX
plastic-free packaging
USB 2.0
Modern design: Bronze-colored metal plate, minimalistic dimensions and sculpted keycaps
CHERRY MX Switches: Available in different switch variants – all made in Germany and featuring Gold-Crosspoint contact precision.
White LED indicators built into the status keys (CAPS LOCK, SCROLL, NUM),
4 additonal keys for volume controls and calculator
Anti-Ghosting and N-Key-Rollover
Manual, Keyboard
The CHERRY KC 200 MX is a mechanical office keyboard that is slim and reliable with shaped keycaps, and an anodized metal plate. It has a sleek design without any unnecessary frills. The KC 200 MX also features four additional keys and tasteful white status LEDs. The original CHERRY MX2A switches provide a unique typing experience with absolute precision, making the mechanical keyboard ideal not only for people who spend a lot of time typing, but also for gamers and programmers — all with unbeatable value for money.

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Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty 2 years warranty
Cable-length 5.25 ft
Max. storage temperature 149 °F
Min. storage temperature -13 °F
Scope of delivery Manual, Keyboard
Software support CHERRY KEYS
System Requirements-Hardware USB-A
Reliability MTBF 90: > 10 Mio.
Illumination no
Anti-ghosting yes
Response time 1 ms
Adjustable feet integrated
Integrated metal plate yes
Palm rest Palm rest not available
Internal memory no
Service life per key (in million strokes) 100 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 100 mA
N-key rollover N-Key Rollover
Special key functions FN, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Status LEDs in keys
Keyboard format Full-size (100%)
Key technology Mechanical
Key encryption no
USB hub no
Master data
Width of product without packaging 4,76 in
Height of product without packaging 1,54 in
Length of product without packaging 16,93 in
KC 200 MX

Minimalist mechanical keyboard with anodized aluminum surface

High-quality design with anodized metal plate, slim dimensions and original CHERRY MX2A switches under shaped keycaps — this mechanical office keyboard is an impressive product. The CHERRY KC 200 MX offers unrivaled precision and comfort while typing. In addition, the wired keyboard is equipped with four hotkeys and tasteful white status LEDs — all in all, an excellent choice for programmers, content creators and gamers.

Stylish design meets high-quality workmanship

The CHERRY KC 200 MX immediately catches the eye with its elegant aluminum surface. The metal plate not only gives the mechanical keyboard an elegant look, but also makes it durable and robust. It is also equipped with white status LEDs in the CAPS LOCK, SCROLL LOCK and NUM LOCK keys. This enables you to see at a glance when one of these keys is activated. The slim dimensions and clean lines round the whole thing off nicely.

mechanical office keyboard
office keyboard with mx switches

MX becomes MX2A: Beautifully smooth typing experience and enhanced acoustics

mx2a switches

We proudly present: Our new CHERRY MX2A mechanical switch that replaces the current MX full-size switch range. Every aspect of the switch has been refined with targeted improvements to provide an unsurpassed operating experience. Like its predecessor, the MX2A is manufactured exclusively in Germany. However, this new version features a premium, factory applied lubricant, redesigned springs and many other optimizations. The CHERRY MX2A promises smoother operation for a more responsive and satisfying typing experience, improved acoustics for a more pleasant sound and—depending on the selected switch variant—a guaranteed service life of more than 100 million keystrokes. Our CHERRY KC 200 MX mechanical office keyboard is available with the following switches:

CHERRY MX2A switch How does it type? Switching characteristics Key presses
MX2A BROWN Targeted and tangible Tactile (no click) > 100 million
MX2A SILENT RED Smooth and quiet Linear (no click + quiet) > 50 million

If you are looking for a silent mechanical keyboard for your office, the CHERRY MX2A SILENT RED switches are the perfect choice for you. The silent switches can easily withstand 50 million keystrokes. However, if you prefer a more tactile typing experience and want to use the keyboard in the office or when gaming, the CHERRY MX2A BROWN switches are suitable for you. The brown switches effortlessly handle 100 million keystrokes without loss of input quality. As is the case for a mechanical (office) keyboard, the KC 200 MX also features N-key rollover (prevents loss of input) and anti-ghosting (prevents incorrect inputs) — regardless of which switch variant you choose.

Practical additional keys and individual key assignment

The keyboard is equipped with four additional keys, which are located directly above the number pad. These useful additional keys provide quick access to the calculator app and volume control. You can easily assign your own shortcuts, macros and more to the F-keys of the CHERRY KC 200 MX. To do this, you only need our free CHERRY KEYS software, which you can use to adapt the keyboard to your individual requirements.

With its distinctive design, high-quality CHERRY MX2A switches and practical additional keys, it makes a great impression both in the office or when gaming. You can enjoy a top-quality product at a great price. In addition, the packaging of the CHERRY KC 200 MX is completely plastic.

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