MX Board 3.0S

MX Board 3.0S
Expect to win – with CHERRY Gaming Performance in innovative aluminum design!
item number: MX Board 3.0S
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Mechanical MX
Gaming style - corded keyboard in high-quality extruded aluminum housing
High-performance gaming keyboard with innovative screwless housing design.
CHERRY MX technology - Gold Crosspoint precision switches for all keys “Made in Germany”
Illumination options for different versions range from unlit to monochrome to RGB with color routines in over 16 million colors
Abrasion-resistant key caps, front lasered or double shot, depending on the model
Full n-key rollover - all keys are read simultaneously
Anti-ghosting - no input errors
WIN key lockout for gaming
CHERRY button for instant access to Utility software
Securely connected, detachable cable
Four round rubber feet for extra stability

Short Manual, Keyboard, USB-A to Micro-USB Cable
The CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S is a high-performance gaming keyboard with a choice of illumination, color and switch options. The stylish extruded aluminum housing integrates the genuine cherry MX switches, designed for fast play with all the gaming features you need to win. The cherry MX gold crosspoint precision switches, made in Germany with full n-key rollover, anti-ghosting and a WIN key lock give you the CHERRY gaming standard you deserve. Depending on the model, the keyboard features adjustable backlight or impressive RGB illumination in over 16 million colors. Numerous color routines and illumination modes are simple to use with the freely downloadable Utility software. The robust workmanship and technical appearance are manifested in the removable cable with durable, secure connection, round rubber feet for extra stability and an innovative, completely screwless, design. The completely abrasion-resistant key caps are either double-shot molded in plastic or front-lasered, depending on the model choice. Your keyboard – your style – your victory!

Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Width of product without packaging (mm) 5,51 in
Warranty 2 years warranty
Weight main product 36 oz
Height of product without packaging (mm) 1,42 in
Cable-length 5.58 ft
Max. storage temperature 140 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Length of product without packaging 16,93 in
Scope of delivery Short Manual, Keyboard, USB-A to Micro-USB Cable
Software support CHERRY Utility Software & Assistant
System Requirements-Hardware USB-A
Reliability NA
Keyboard Desktopset
Anti-ghosting yes
Response time 1 ms
Adjustable feet sold separately
Integrated metal plate no
Palm rest Palm rest available as accessory
Internal memory no
Service life per key (in million strokes) 100 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 500 mA
N-key rollover N-Key Rollover
Switching characteristics standard
Special key functions Browser, CHERRY Key, Calculator, FN, Last track, Next track, Play/Pause, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Status LEDs in keys
Keyboard format Full-size (100%)
Key encryption no
USB hub no
cherry mx board 3.0s

Expect to win – with CHERRY Gaming Performance in innovative aluminum design!

With the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S, you can customize your high-performance gaming keyboard to suit your taste: Choose from a variety of lighting, color, and switch options to prepare for your unique gaming experience. The mechanical wired keyboard makes a big impression with its high-quality aluminum continuous-cast housing and robust processing quality in its technical appearance. In addition, the original CHERRY MX switches manufactured in Germany leave nothing to be desired. Step up your game: Your keyboard – your style – your victory!

Robust workmanship and innovative design

The aluminum housing of the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S keyboard is manufactured in a special die-cast strand process. The printed circuit board for the CHERRY MX switches is pressed into the housing. The keyboard not only requires no screws, but also does not require an additional metal plate for stabilization. The CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S weighs around 1025 g.
Innovative processing gives the mechanical keyboard a distinctly simple and technical look. Thanks to the four round rubber feet on the floor, it always stands securely in place and does not slip around. The secure Micro-USB to USB-A cable with a total length of 1.7 m, which can be easily removed during transport, is particularly practical. Depending on the version, the completely abrasion-resistant keys are either sprayed with plastic twice or lasered in the front. 

Original CHERRY MX switches

You have the choice: Equip your CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S with MX switches that best suit your needs. If you want to act strategically and tactically and want tangible feedback, choose the MX BROWN switches for your CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S. You get both tangible and acoustic feedback with the MX BLUE switch. If you prefer keys to trigger more smoothly and quietly, the MX RED SILENT switch is recommended for the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S. Wherever your preferences lie, we have the right switch for you:

CHERRY MX Switches How does it type? Switching characteristics Key presses
MX BLACK Powerful and direct Linear (no click) > 100 mio.
MX BLUE Noisy and noticeable Tactile (with click) > 50 mio.
MX BROWN Targeted and tangible Tactile (without click) > 100 mio.
MX RED Smooth and direct Linear (no click) > 100 mio.
MX SILENT RED Smooth and quiet Linear (no click & quiet) > 50 mio.
rgb gaming keyboard

Individual lighting options

When it comes to lighting, it's up to you: Is everything better when it's colorful? Then the impressive RGB lighting in over 16 million colors with numerous integrated color games is the right thing for you. With the CHERRY UTILITY software, you can easily adjust the lighting on your CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S. Your configured effects will always be saved and the keyboard will automatically start with the last selected settings. Do you want a more relaxed look for your gaming keyboard? This is also no problem with the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S, because the lighting can also be switched off completely.

gaming keyboard software

Practical additional functions

As befits a good gaming keyboard, the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S is of course equipped with practical special functions: Full-N-Key rollover ensures that all keys are read at the same time and no input is lost. Anti-ghosting in turn prevents incorrect inputs. With the useful WIN key lock, you can switch to gaming mode, so to speak, and thus prevent inadvertently running Windows commands. With the CHERRY button, you can quickly access software information and the CHERRY website at the touch of a button on your CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S. 

Do you dream of a gaming keyboard that you can design in line with your own ideas? With the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S, you choose the color, lighting and switches yourself and get an all-round high-quality and robust mechanical keyboard in an innovative aluminum design. Have a look at our accessories: They include a matching wrist rest for your CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S! Be down for the next gaming session – in your style and living up to your preferences.

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