USB microphone with shock mount for streaming and using in the office
item number: UM 6.0 ADVANCED
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Designed in Germany
Extended Warranty*
plastic-free packaging
USB 2.0
High-quality design in matte silver
Three-legged design stand made of solid metal with integrated vibration damper
Two different polar patterns for detailed voice recordings: cardioid and omnidirectional
Gain control for adjusting microphone sensitivity
Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5 (Plug&Play via USB cable)
Convenient push-to-mute function
Headphone jack with integrated volume control in CHERRY design
Shock-mount function for first-class sound quality without unwanted background noise or vibrations
USB-cable, Manual, microphone
With its high-quality workmanship and appealing look, the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED is truly eye-catching in any gaming setup or office.

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Technical Details

Operating system Mac OS, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty 2 years warranty
Cable-length 8.2 ft
Max. storage temperature 131 °F
Min. storage temperature 23 °F
Scope of delivery USB-cable, Manual, microphone
System Requirements-Hardware USB 2.0 or higher
Master data
Width of product without packaging 5,67 in
Height of product without packaging 10,71 in
Length of product without packaging 6,3 in
Frequency range 20 Hz
Headphone Frequency Response max. 20,000 Hz
Headphone Frequency Response min. 20 Hz
Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 120 db
THD Ratio 1,37 %
Bitrate 24 bit
Sampling rate 96 KHz
Polar patterns Cardioid, Omnidirectional
Power requirement/consumption 5V, 80mA
Sensitivity '-6.31dBFS(Max. gain)
Max SPL 120 db
Headphone Amplifier Impedance 32 Ω
Headphone Output Power (RMS): 32 mW
Headphone THD <0.23%
Headphone S/N Ratio 94 db
Signal to Noise Ratio 67.4 db
Capsules 2x 14mm

USB microphone with shock mount for streaming and office use

If you want to record a podcast with several people or provide your followers with new content on your vlog, clear and intelligible sound is crucial. You can easily achieve this with the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED. This streaming microphone with USB-C port not only boasts a high-quality look in matte silver, but also features an integrated shock mount function and two different polar patterns. This allows you to achieve first-class sound quality without unwanted background noise or vibrations. CHERRY: Your voice.

High-quality, study metal design on three legs – CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED

What immediately catches your eye with this streaming microphone is the high-quality workmanship: The three-legged design stand of the USB microphone is made entirely of metal and thus provides a firm and stable base at all times. The minimalist design in black with matte silver looks both discreet and classy. As a visual highlight, the rubber bands for the shock mount function give the microphone that finishing touch. These are in the classic CHERRY red – designed in Germany.

vlogging microphone
influencer microphone with shock mount
usb microphone shockmount

Professional sound in different situations thanks to changeable polar patterns

More flexibility thanks to two polar patterns: The cardioid mode of the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED microphone is an excellent choice for streaming or gaming sessions or during video calls in the office. Sound is picked up cleanly from the front. If you want to use the microphone for a video conference with several people in the same room, switch to the omnidirectional mode at the touch of a button and the sound is captured evenly from all sides. This polar pattern is also advantageous for vlogging, for example, if you are creating new cooking and baking content for your channel and you don't just speak into the microphone from the front.

mircophone polar patterns
swich polar patterns usb microphone
vlog microphone omnidirectional

Unwanted vibrations are cleverly isolated

On top of this, the streaming microphone is equipped with a shock mount function that reliably prevents unwanted vibrations from ruining your recordings. Are you, for example, an influencer who is using the microphone to give your followers tips and tricks on skin care? Even if you dig out a certain beauty product and accidentally jerk the table, such vibrations are automatically filtered out. This is facilitated by the red rubber bands designed specifically for this purpose, which completely decouple the mic from the stand, isolating it perfectly.

influencer microphone with shock mount
usb microphone shock mount
vlogging microphone with shock mount function

Practical features and easy handling

In addition to a headphone jack and a gain control, which can be used to adjust the sensitivity of the mic, the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED also has a practical push-to-mute function. No matter if you're in a video conference, a podcast or vlogging: The microphone can be muted with just one touch to avoid unwanted background noise. Even better: The streaming microphone connects to a PC, console, laptop or Mac in seconds and is ready to go right out of the box – without the need to install any special software. Unpack, plug in, and record! On top of that, the packaging is entirely free of plastic.

touchmute microphone
microphone gain control
usb microphone plug&play

Combine the streaming microphone with a microphone arm and pop filter!

The use of a microphone arm is a particularly good idea when the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED is to be used as a podcast microphone for several people. With both the CHERRY MA 3.0 UNI and the CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB, the sturdy swivel arms allow you to set the microphone up at any angle, meaning you can easily find the right position to ensure that all your participants can be heard clearly. The arms are also universal: They are not only compatible with the CHERRY UM MICROPHONE SERIES microphones, but also with other microphones as well as many other digital devices. You can avoid recording any popping or hissing noises in your voice when streaming or making podcasts by equipping the microphone for the PC with the CHERRY UM POP FILTER.

Are you looking for a high-quality streaming microphone that filters out unwanted background noise and vibrations, or are you an influencer who needs a microphone to professionally record a podcast with two or more people? With the CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED, you'll manage to get really excellent results – and make recordings just the way you like them.

CHERRY Office Desk with Microphone

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