DW 9500 SLIM

DW 9500 SLIM
The rechargeable designer desktop for demanding users
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2,4GHz & Bluetooth
Extended Warranty*
rechargeable product
CHERRY SX Scissor Technology
Silent keystroke
Connection either via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless
AES-128 encryption for mouse and keyboard
Rechargeable lithium batteries
Rechargeable by USB-C
Status LEDs show low residual battery charge, charging status and mouse resolution
Status LEDs integrated directly in the keys for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys
Extra-small nano receiver for wireless operation
6 mouse buttons and scroll wheel
Precise sensor with resolution adjustable in four stages up to 3000 dpi
Long-lasting key labels
Precise CHERRY SX scissor mechanism for an ideal oper-ating feeling
Solid metal plate in the keyboard for maximum stability
Removable magnetic strip for height adjustment
Magnetic support bar, Nano-USB-Receiver, Manual, Mouse, Keyboard, Pouch, USB-A to USB-C Cable
The CHERRY DW 9500 SLIM desktop set meets even the highest demands. It inspires with state-of-the-art technology, best build quality and extra flat design. The design has a minimalist character and still shines with function and style.

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Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Warranty 1 additional year voluntary limited manufacturers warranty
Max. storage temperature 140 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Scope of delivery Magnetic support bar, Nano-USB-Receiver, Manual, Mouse, Keyboard, Pouch, USB-A to USB-C Cable
Software support CHERRY KEYS
System Requirements-Hardware Bluetooth 4.0 or higher, USB-A
Reliability MTBF > 80.000 Stunden
Battery rechargeable yes
Number of batteries 1
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery replaceable no
Battery design Special
Illumination no
Anti-ghosting not specified
Adjustable feet yes
Integrated metal plate yes
Palm rest Palm rest not available
Internal memory no
Service life per key (in million strokes) 10 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 5 mA
N-key rollover not specified
Switching characteristics standard
Special key functions Browser, Calculator, PC lock, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Status LEDs in keys
Keyboard format Full-size (100%)
Keycap material ABS
Key labeling Pad Printing + UV coating
Key technology Scissor
Key encryption AES-128
USB hub no
Number of keys 6
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery replaceable no
Battery design Special
Battery charging socket USB-C
Battery rechargeable yes
Illumination no
Bluetooth range (m) 32,81 ft
Width 3,11 in
Thumb buttons yes
dpi switch yes
dpi levels 4
Color black/grey
Wireless range (m) 32,81 ft
Weight of product 4,338702 oz
Height 1,75 in
Length of product 4,72 in
Max. resolution (dpi) 3.000 dpi
Battery life (months) 2
Max. Current consumption (mA) Mouse 10 mA
Sensor PixArt PAW3805EK
2.4 Ghz wireless connection yes
Connection via Bluetooth yes
Encryption in Bluetooth mode AES-128
Encryption in wireless mode AES-128
BYD data
Width of product without packaging 5,12 in
Height of product without packaging 0,59 in
Length of product without packaging 17,32 in
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth 4.2
Bluetooth range (m) 33 ft
Wireless range (m) 33 ft
2.4 Ghz wireless connection yes
Connection via Bluetooth yes
Encryption in Bluetooth mode yes
Encryption in wireless mode yes
DW 9500 SLIM

The rechargeable designer desktop for demanding users

Two top sellers come together in the CHERRY DW 9500 SLIM. The silver and black CHERRY KW 9100 SLIM wireless keyboard and the ergonomically shaped CHERRY MW 8C ERGO right-handed mouse are a dream team. State-of-the-art technology and top-quality workmanship combine with elegant design to create a genuine eye-catcher on your desk.

CHERRY DW 9500 SLIM - total wireless freedom

There are two ways to connect the attractive, extra-slim, wireless system: via Bluetooth® or 2.4 GHz connection using the USB receiver. It’s easy to switch between the two types of connection using a slide switch on the mouse and keyboard. For example, you can connect a laptop via Bluetooth® as well as a PC via a wireless connection and operate them with the same desktop set. No matter which you choose, the transmission has a range of up to 10 m and is encrypted according to AES-128.

The stylish keyboard and mouse set has powerful lithium batteries. This means you can work for weeks without interruption. For a new energy boost, the package includes a USB-A-to-USB-C cable. Without interrupting your workflow, it lets you carry on working while charging. To increase battery life, the wireless keyboard and mouse set can be turned off completely using a switch.

Bluetooth desktop set
DW 9500 SLIM

Status indicators - convenient and practical

The built-in status LEDs let you can see at a glance whether the Shift, Scroll or Num Lock key is activated on the designer keyboard. You can also see when the battery charge is running low. The state-of-the-art right-handed mouse has a two-color LED to indicate the battery, charge and connection status as well as the selected resolution.

The keyboard - stylish and sophisticated CHERRY quality

The DW 9500 SLIM is a prime example of how high quality standards and minimalist design can go hand in hand. The same goes for the plastic-free packaging.

The slim wireless keyboard was developed with the utmost attention to detail and boasts CHERRY SX scissor technology. This gives it a precise and pleasant typing feel and ensures that you get through the workday effortlessly and productively. The sturdy workmanship with an integrated metal plate also helps. As slim and attractive as it is, the keyboard still sits firmly on the desk.

In keeping with the keyboard’s minimalist character and its focus on the essentials, it only features the six most important additional keys. If you need more flexibility, the free CHERRY KEYS software is the ideal solution. This can be used to program special keys and F keys to suit individual needs. The keyboard comes with a magnetic bar if you want a steeper angle.

Wireless Desktop Set
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The mouse - an innovative and perfectly formed all-rounder

The wireless mouse sits beautifully in your hand. The ergonomic wireless mouse, most suitable for users with medium to large hands, sits comfortably in the hand even when working for hours on end. It has rubberized side parts with a rest for your thumb to relax on. The generously sized sliding surfaces allow you to guide the mouse smoothly over the desk without strain on the wrist.

In addition to this pleasant handling, the 6-button mouse with scroll wheel has many impressive features. The high-precision sensor allows the mouse to be used on nearly any surface, even on glass tables. By pressing the DPI button, the resolution can be set to 600, 1000, 1600 or 3000 dpi. This makes the wireless mouse ideal for use with high-resolution 4K monitors.

DW 9500 SLIM mouse
wireless mouse

Whether you work on the move, in the office or at home, the CHERRY DW 9500 SLIM desktop set is a stylish and reliable companion. It’s not only a visual statement on your desk, but also features top-level technology.

wireless desktop set

Your desk could look like this



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