MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless

MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless
A colorful trendsetter: the small gaming keyboard for great performance at work too
item number: MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless
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Corded & 2,4GHz & Bluetooth
Designed in Germany
Mechanical MX LP
rechargeable product
Wireless 3-mode gaming keyboard with cutting-edge CHERRY MX-LP switches
Compact keyboard with 68 keys in bold color combinations for a trend-setting appearance
CHERRY MX Low Profile technology – gold crosspoint precision switches for all keys, developed and made in Germany.
The switch helps ensure a lifetime of up to 100 million strokes without loss of input quality.
With a 35% lower profile, 40% higher bounce speed and fast key detection – designed for professional e-sports.
Equipped with high quality Nordic chip for first-class, consistent performance
CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology
2.4GHz mode - latency of less than 1ms for ultimate gaming performance
Bluetooth 5.2 mode - supports three channels for easy switching between multiple devices such as a PC, tablet or smartphone
Smart charging technology: Type-C cable supports fast charging and allows you to play while the keyboard is charging
Impressive RGB lighting in more than 16 million colors, with numerous integrated color routines
Easy light customization: Create and save your own lighting effects in the built-in memory
Ergonomic comfort thanks to easy height adjustment with the screw-in rubber feet
Full n-key rollover - all keys are read simultaneously
Anti-ghosting - no input errors
WIN key lockout for gaming
Abrasion-resistant key caps

Manual, Dongle, Keyboard, USB-A to USB-C Cable
A colorful trendsetter—the CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless gaming keyboard. Wireless with three different modes for high performance when gaming or at work. CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology, the stylish RGB lighting, low-profile MX precision switches and numerous other features make this small keyboard big on performance. The compact form with under 70 keys has bold color combinations for a timelessly trend-setting appearance. Your game—your style—your win! 

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Technical Details

Operating system Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, Windows 8
Width of product without packaging (mm) 3,9 in
Warranty 2 years warranty
Weight main product 15 oz
Height of product without packaging (mm) 1,06 in
Cable-length 5.25 ft
Max. storage temperature 113 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Length of product without packaging 12,13 in
Scope of delivery Manual, Dongle, Keyboard, USB-A to USB-C Cable
Software support CHERRY Utility Software & Assistant
System Requirements-Hardware USB-A
Reliability NA
Battery rechargeable yes
Number of batteries 1
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery replaceable no
Battery design AAA
Bluetooth protocol Bluetooth 5.2
Bluetooth range (m) 33 ft
Wireless range (m) 33 ft
Latency 1.00 ms
USB dongle yes
2.4 Ghz wireless connection yes
Connection via Bluetooth yes
Encryption in Bluetooth mode yes
Encryption in wireless mode yes
Keyboard Desktopset
Anti-ghosting yes
Response time 1 ms
Adjustable feet yes
Integrated metal plate yes
Palm rest Palm rest not available
Service life per key (in million strokes) 100 mio. actuations
Max. current consumption (mA) of keyboard 500 mA
N-key rollover N-Key Rollover
Status LEDs in keys
Keyboard format Compact (65%)
Keycap material ABS
Key labeling Laser etching + UV coating
Key technology Mechanical
USB hub no
Sealing no
CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless
CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless

Compact gaming keyboard with less than 70 keys

The CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless is the best proof that you can achieve great things even with a small keyboard: The compact gaming keyboard has fewer than 70 keys and still offers you enough space for your ultimate gaming experience. The colorful trendsetter can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth® or the 2.4 GHz band as well as via USB-A to USB-C cable. The impressive RGB lighting in more than 16 million colors, which can be adjusted to suit your taste, gives you even greater flexibility. The mechanical CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED switches not only ensure a low profile, but also trigger immediately and extremely quickly. Step up your game with the CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless and emerge victorious! 

low profile gaming keyboard

A 65-percent keyboard with stylish lighting

For those who like things compact, as a 65-percent gaming keyboard, the CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless takes up hardly any space and makes your gaming setup look tidier. Since it doesn't have a numeric keypad, your mouse arm is closer to the keyboard which ensures an optimized shoulder position and less tension. The keyboard's tilt angle can be easily adjusted with the reversible rubber feet. The different colored keycaps make the keyboard an absolute eye-catcher. 

Speaking of customization: With vibrant RGB lighting in more than 16 million colors, you can arrange your setup to your liking. Choose from numerous pre-made color effects or create your own lighting effects. The compact gaming keyboard has an integrated memory where you can store your settings directly. Our free CHERRY UTILITY software provides you with further customization options.

wireless compact gaming keyboard

Triple mode connection: Three powerful connection modes

Our CHERRY Advanced Wireless technology delivers full gaming power even without cables: In Bluetooth® mode, you connect the colorful gaming keyboard to up to three devices and can then switch back and forth at the touch of a button. With the special Low Latency Mode (LLM), which uses an extremely fast Bluetooth® connection, you are perfectly equipped for your next gaming session. In 2.4 GHz mode, you connect the compact mechanical keyboard with a USB dongle via wireless. If you prefer to use your CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless Keyboard wired for gaming, simply use the USB-A to USB-C cable provided. Thanks to the intelligent charging technology, you can even recharge the compact gaming keyboard while you continue playing. How practical! 

mx low profile keyboard gaming

MX LOW PROFILE RGB SPEED switches: The name says it all

With speedy key detection and shorter bounce time for higher switching frequencies, you'll be uncompromisingly fast with CHERRY MX Low Profile technology: Our exclusively German-made MX LOW PROFILE SPEED mechanical switches trigger with impact, speed and directness. You can expect a linear switching characteristic without audible clicking noise. In addition, the switch ensures a lifetime of up to 100 million strokes without loss of input quality. Thanks to the abrasion-resistant keycaps, the letters remain legible even after years, which makes the compact gaming keyboard particularly durable and reliable. The low profile with the usual precise typing feel is another plus. 

Full-N-Key Rollover, anti-ghosting and WIN key lock

Our CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless Gaming Keyboard is equipped with all the usual special features: Incorrect inputs are prevented by anti-ghosting, while Full-N-Key Rollover ensures that all keys are read simultaneously. With WIN key lock you avoid unintentionally executed Windows commands. By pressing the CHERRY button, the compact gaming keyboard not only takes you directly to the CHERRY website, but also gives you quick access to the CHERRY UTILITY software, which you can use to control the lighting, among other things. Bring on your next game! 

Even though it’s small—the CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 Compact Wireless is a full-fledged gaming keyboard. Colorful, compact and illuminated, it has your back you with the pinpoint MX switches on your way to victory—wired as well as wireless. With a 35 percent lower profile, 40 percent higher return speed and fast key detection, the compact gaming keyboard is perfect for professional e-sports, guaranteeing you top-notch, stable performance with a space-saving, low-profile design.