MX Experience Box

MX Experience Box
CHERRY "Experience Box" switch kit - 10 different MX types in one box
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Gold Crosspoint-Contact
Hot Swap
Made in Germany
plastic-free packaging
Key benefits:
• CHERRY's full MX switch portfolio in - 10 different MX types in one box
• Switches sit securely in the box, preventing contact pins from being bent during transport
• Paper-only box for reduced environmental impact

Contains (1 switch each):
• MX1A-G1NA (MX RGB Brown, 3 pin)
• MX1A-11NA (MX RGB Black, 3 pin)
• MX1A-E1NA (MX RGB Blue, 3 pin)
• MX2A-H1NA (MX RGB Ergo Clear, 3 pin, factory lubricated)
• MX1A-F1NA (MX RGB Green, 3 pin)
• MX1A-D1NA (MX RGB Grey, 3 pin)
• MX1A-L1NA (MX RGB Red, 3 pin)
• MX3A-E1NA (MX RGB Silent Red, 3 pin)
• MX1A-51NA (MX RGB Speed Silver, 3 pin)
• MX1A-61NW (MX Black Clear Top, 5 pin, factory lubricated)
The MX EXPERIENCE BOX features 10 of our most popular CHERRY MX switches, offering a variety of linear, tactile, and clicky options. Try out the different variants to find the switch that's right for you, whether you're a gamer or a typist.

Technical Details

Mechanical properties
RGB yes
Bottom housing color translucent
Contact system MX Gold Crosspoint

10 CHERRY MX switches in one box

Whether you prefer a loud click, a smooth press, or a quick actuation, the MX EXPERIENCE BOX has a switch for you. Experiment with the 10 switches to find your perfect typing feel, then install them in your hot-swap keyboard.

Experience Box CHERRY Switches

Which switches await you in the MX EXPERIENCE BOX?

Our CHERRY MX switches are made in Germany and are known for their durability and precision. No matter which switch you choose, you can be sure of a high-quality product.With the MX EXPERIENCE BOX, you can relax and test all 10 switches included to discover the switch that best suits your needs. Here's a quick overview of the switches included in the MX EXPERIENCE BOX, along with their features:

CHERRY MX Switch How does it type? Switch characteristics Keystrokes
MX BLACK powerful and direct linear (no click) > 100 mil.
MX BLACK CLEAR TOP powerful, direct and retro linear (no click) > 50 mil.
MX BLUE powerful and noticeable tactile and acoustic (with click) > 50 mil.
MX BROWN targeted and noticeable tactile (no click) > 100 mil.
MX ERGO CLEAR targeted, smooth and noticeable tactile (no click) > 50 mil.
MX GREEN loud, robust and noticeable tactile and acoustic (with click) > 50 mil.
MX GREY purposeful, robust and noticeable tactile (no click) > 50 mil.
MX RED smooth-running and directly linear (no click) > 100 mil.
MX SILENT RED smooth-running and quiet linear (no click + quiet) > 50 mil.
MX SPEED SILVER fast and direct linear (no click) > 100 mil.

The MX EXPERIENCE BOX is the perfect way to find your perfect mechanical keyboard switch. With 10 different switches to try, you're sure to find one that feels just right.Which switch is your favorite? The powerful MX BLACK? The quiet MX SILENT RED? The blazing fast MX SPEED SILVER? Or the tactile MX BROWN? Find out now with the MX EXPERIENCE BOX.