Introducing CHERRY's KC 200 MX: Elevate Your Typing Experience with the new MX2A Switches

11/2023 - Back to overview

CHERRY announced its first keyboard featuring their recently launched MX2A mechanical switches, the KC 200 MX.

21st November 2023 – CHERRY, the specialist in computer input devices and market leader in mechanical key switches, today announced its first keyboard featuring their recently launched MX2A mechanical switches, the KC 200 MX.

CHERRY’s first MX2A keyboard on the market, the KC 200 MX is available now at online retailers for £79.99. The MX2A switches provide superior functionality, and the modern design with an anodized metal plate and minimalist dimensions creates a clean look on any desk.

MX2A: Smooth typing & optimized acoustics

The KC 200 MX marks CHERRY’s first device built on the foundation of the recently launched MX2A mechanical switches – a revolutionary upgrade to the legacy MX switch line. The switches boast a smooth typing feel, premium-grade lubricant, noise-reducing springs and unrivaled accuracy with their Gold Crosspoint Contact System. The German-made, gold-standard switches along with the anti-ghosting and N-key rollover features combine for a lag-free experience with maximum precision and responsiveness, making the keyboard well-suited both for office use and gaming.

The keyboard is available in black/bronze either with MX2A Silent Red or MX2A Brown switches. The smooth and silent MX2A Silent Red switch which has a linear actuation without pressure point, can easily withstand 50 million keystrokes. Whereas the tactile MX2A Brown switches with a soft pressure point and noticeable feedback effortlessly handle 100 million keystrokes without loss of input quality. So users can find a switch that perfectly suits their preference.

Upgrade Your Workstation

This full-size wired keyboard is reliable, durable, and resilient, making it well-suited for daily office use. The KC 200 MX’s sleek anodized metal plate and slip-proof, height-adjustable snap-out feet ensure a sturdy base and clean aesthetics to upgrade your workstation. It features four special keys above the Num pad giving easy access to volume controls and the calculator app.

Additionally, the keyboard offers:

  • Customizable function keys for personalized shortcuts using the CHERRY KEYS software.
  • Built-in status LEDs for Caps, Scroll and Num Locks provide instant visual feedback for activated functions.
  • The keyboard can also be paired with the CHERRY PALMREST ERGO for a relaxed and comfortable typing experience.
  • Laser-etched, abrasion-proof ABS keycaps and up to 100 million actuations (depending on the switch variant), the KC 200 MX keyboard is sure to remain a dependable fixture on your desk for years to come.