CHERRY is expanding its range of products with a completely new category

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CHERRY expands product line with its new range of USB microphones for beginners and professionals.

Auerbach, Feb. 14, 2023 - CHERRY, the specialist in computer, office and gaming accessories and market leader in mechanical key switches, is expanding its range of products with a completely new category.

The company is launching its audio portfolio with three stylish new USB microphones for work and entertainment. The UM series built with high-quality components offers everyone from beginners to pro streamers the opportunity to enhance their setups with the best possible audio recording quality. For working professionals, it is the perfect solution for online conferences in their home offices.


Three microphones, one idea

CHERRY creates input devices of outstanding quality that enable passionate users to realise their ideas. The well-known brand maintains this principle with the introduction of its UM series, creating new audio experiences.

The brand-new product line fits perfectly into a modern lifestyle where communication and collaboration take place remotely, and podcasts or livestreams are part of our daily entertainment.

The UM 3.0, UM 6.0 ADVANCED and UM 9.0 PRO RGB USB microphones offer the right solution for all applications from home office to streaming studio. Built with high-quality components, the microphones also provide virtual meetings with optimal sound.

The products have high durability and are created following the well-known high-quality standards of CHERRY. They offer desired features for ease-of-use, such as: a simple connection via USB with true Plug & Play operation, push-to-mute function, volume control directly on the microphone, and an integrated headphone jack.


CHERRY UM 3.0 – the office microphone

The UM 3.0 delivers a scanning rate of 96 KHz and 24 bits and is designed for single person use through its directional cardioid capsule. It is perfect for use at home and provides clear sound during video conferences. The CHERRY UM 3.0 is also suited for recording podcasts, voiceovers or musical instruments.


CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED – the versatile one

The UM 6.0 ADVANCED offers a choice between “cardioid” and “omnidirectional” polar patterns with a scanning rate of 96 KHz and 24 bits. Depending on the user’s preference, it can record from one direction, or from all around the room.

The CHERRY UM 6.0 ADVANCED is a professional recording solution that is easy to transport and ready for use. Sound distortion due to vibrations is prevented by a shock mount function, which completely decouples the microphone from the metal stand through rubber bands. Another key feature in addition to the those provided in UM 3.0: The sensitivity can be controlled directly on the microphone via Gain control.


CHERRY UM 9.0 PRO RGB – the professional tool

The UM 9.0 PRO RGB is the microphone for anyone who wants to get the most out of their recordings with a scanning rate of 192 KHz and 24 bits. Users can switch between the “cardioid”, “omnidirectional”, “bidirectional” and “stereo” polar patterns with just the touch of a button – recording audio sources precisely out of every desired direction.

The model also has a shock mount function ensuring reliable decoupling from the metal stand preventing sound distortion due to vibrations. In addition, the CHERRY UM 9.0 PRO RGB brings color into play with RGB lighting. It is integrated directly into the microphone and gives every recording the right atmosphere with customizable colors and effects.


Accessories for the perfect recording

All USB microphones of the UM series are delivered with a sturdy metal stand, allow muting directly via a touch control panel on the surface of the microphone, are equipped with an integrated headphone jack and are Plug & Play compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 as well as PS5 without any configuration needed.

Depending on the individual’s needs, the audio setup can still be expanded with official accessories from CHERRY:

  • UM POP FILTER: The easy to attach pop shield filters out plosives for better recording quality.
  • MA 3.0 UNI: The swivel arm made from robust aluminum allows free placement of the microphone in any room and allows more mobility during recording.

MA 6.0 UNI USB: The robust swivel arm makes the recording environment even more flexible with a built-in USB hub including two ports (5V/2A).

Both swivel arms are compatible with a wide range of other USB microphones in addition to CHERRY UM microphones.


Prices & Availability

The CHERRY UM series including accessories is available now for pre-order in the CHERRY store and will be available in stores from March. The UM 3.0 costs £69.99. The UM 6.0 ADVANCED is available for £99.99. The UM 9.0 PRO RGB is priced at £129.00. The UM POP FILTER is available for £16.99. The MA 3.0 UNI and MA 6.0 UNI USB swivel arms are offered at £69.99 and £84.99, respectively. All prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.