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For its recently launched gaming brand CHERRY XTRFY, German mechanical key switch champion CHERRY boosts the brand’s market entry with an extensive product family and a coordinated global campaign for competitive gaming and esports supported by an influential network of partners and cooperations.

Auerbach i.d.Opf. (GER), April 26, 2023 – CHERRY, specialist for computer input devices and global market leader in the field of mechanical key switches, reaches for global market presence with its newly launched gaming brand CHERRY XTRFY. A longtime favorite among Chinese Gaming fans, CHERRY plans to extend this success worldwide through a coordinated global campaign. With foundations laid at the beginning of the year with the acquisition of renowned Swedish manufacturer of PC gaming peripherals Xtrfy and the launch of its new gaming brand CHERRY XTRFY, CHERRY onboarded a partner with vast experience and expertise for the competitive gaming segment and created a gaming brand with an ideal setting for a global offensive.

Systematic focus on esports and competitive gaming

CHERRY XTRFY strengthens this worldwide effort through selected cooperations with strong partners and key players from the world of esports, all united in the CHERRY XTRFY family. SK Gaming, a leading esports organization and one of the world’s most recognized brands in competitive video gaming joined the brands’ initiative as a strong and experienced partner.

The CHERRY XTRFY family is constantly growing with global teams and influencers from the world of competitive video gaming and esports. Recently CHERRY XTRFY welcomed the renowned French esports organization Team Vitality to the family; further family members include Norwegian esports organization HEROIC and Counter-Strike legend f0rest, who already worked closely with Xtrfy in the past in product development.

Technical leadership, in combination with a close bond to esports

With excellent product designs, innovative wireless technologies, and matching software support, CHERRY XTRFY offers a complete ecosystem of PC peripherals for competitive video gaming: from ergonomically designed mice to precise mechanical keyboards and high-quality headsets and microphones. A vast selection of keyboards and mice is ultra-customizable: everything from the switches, stabilizers, and keycaps to the cable and frame is swappable, making it a unique product experience.

“With CHERRY XTRFY, we want to prove and further enhance the competitive edge of our products, which have always enjoyed a stellar reputation among competitive gamers. We are constantly looking for technical innovations to improve the performance and precision of our products to help every gamer reach the next level. Each product, each formed partnership and cooperation contribute to this”, says René Schulz, Vice President Business Unit Peripherals, CHERRY.

At a special release event on April 26, 2023, at the Xperion in Cologne, CHERRY XTRFY presented its global strategy along with the newest product releases: CHERRY MX 8.2 TKL WIRELESS, CHERRY MX-LP 2.1 COMPACT WIRELESS, CHERRY MX 3.0S WIRELESS, as well as the Xtrfy K5 keyboard series and the Xtrfy M8 Wireless mouse.

The core of all CHERRY keyboards is the CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology and the CHERRY MX switch technology. The CHERRY Advanced Wireless Technology is a unique Low Latency-Mode (LLM) that allows for high-speed communications between PCs or laptops and their peripherals – sometimes winning the millisecond of difference between victory and defeat and making it the decisive advantage in competitive gaming.

The CHERRY MX switches are the absolute industry benchmarks, developed and manufactured in Germany. The technology allows for well-engineered mechanical keyboards offering unrivaled precision and fine-tuned tactile, audible feedback, or linear feel. CHERRY MX key switches fortify this experience by adding 100% reliability for fast typing and competitive situations.

The Xtrfy K5 keyboard series excels through its 65% format, offering an extremely compact design, and is available in two pre-built editions or as a fully customized keyboard. The pre-built edition features red mechanical key switches, trusted by pro gamers for their light touch, fast actuation, and durability of 70 million keystrokes. It also features a new super-scan technology, scanning all keys every half a millisecond and allowing the keyboard to detect and report keystrokes even faster. The highly customizable K5 keyboard offers more than 150 product options through individually selected switches, keycaps, cords, frames, and logo plates.

The Xtrfy M8 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a top-class wireless gaming mouse with unmatched performance and a unique design. With its low front profile, the M8 Wireless is specially designed to provide better control and precision. Despite being wireless, with a 300mA battery, the M8 is Xtrfy’s lightest mouse to date. It’s also carefully engineered to keep weight down to only 55 grams without sacrificing durability.

Near future plans for CHERRY XTRFY include new gaming products and even more focus on esports 

CHERRY XTRFY will introduce new cutting-edge gaming peripherals to the competitive gaming world as it moves forward. With a coordinated global strategy, a constantly growing bond with the community, and an even more intensified focus on esports, CHERRY XTRFY will develop its presence as a global gaming peripheral brand.