CHERRY eHealth card terminals contain high-quality components to prevent failures due to ESD discharges when reading the eGK 2.1 with NFC.

02/2023 - Back to overview

Due to ongoing inquiries about the ESD problem with the eGK 2.1 with NFC, we comment as follows on the interim report published by gematik on 03.02.2022.

The facts and measures described by gematik in connection with various error patterns and reports relate exclusively to the use of the ORGA 6141 Online card terminal of the Ingenico Healthcare brand (Worldline Healthcare GmbH) in connection with the electronic health card (eGK) G2.1 with NFC.

To date, no reports of ESD problems in connection with the eGK 2.1 with NFC are known for the CHERRY eHealth card terminal ST-1506 and the CHERRY eGK keyboard G87-1505 - neither from gemmunity, nor via the CHERRY support hotline.

Integrated components for ESD discharge for prevention. 

As a matter of principle, high-quality components with ESD discharge are installed in CHERRY card terminals to discharge electrostatically charged cards when they are inserted. In addition, as part of internal quality assurance, various ESD tests were carried out in a laboratory to check the effectiveness of our measures.

No failures with CHERRY card terminals

Of the more than 100,000 CHERRY ST-1506 and G87-1505 card terminals already in use in doctors' offices, dental practices, hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies, there have so far been no reports of ESD-related failures, either with the eGK 2.0 or with the NFC-enabled eGK 2.1.