Varmilo is a keyboard manufacturer whose products have so far only been known to connoisseurs on the European market. The company offers high-quality custom keyboards with a unique design. A perfect example of this is the new VA88M Double Rainbow RGB: Varmilo has combined a space-saving tenkeyless layout with a basic white design and bright colorful accents. As might be clear from the product name, the manufacturer has integrated an RGB backlight and combines this with CHERRY MX RGB Red switches. You can find out everything about the special features of the Varmillo VA88M Double Rainbow RGB in this article.

Specification at a glance:

  • Keyboard Layout: Tenkeyless
  • Switch Type: CHERRY MX RGB Red
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Macro Keys: -
  • Response Rate: <1ms
  • Matrix: 100% Anti-Ghosting with N-Key-Rollover
  • Software / Integrated Memory: -
  • Media Keys: Six, using hotkey functionality
  • Palm Rest: -
  • Dimensions: 356 mm x 134 mm x 33 mm
  • Weight: 1,90 kg


The VA88M Double Rainbow RGB is not just a new mechanical keyboard, but it’s also a great example of Varmilo's unique design. The basis is a simple, matte white chassis made of high-quality plastic, with only a minimal frame around the actual keys. By forgoing the number block, the keyboard looks even slimmer and takes up less space on the desk. This has ergonomic advantages, because the right hand has to travel a much shorter distance when switching from keyboard to mouse than with standard layout models.

Although its small dimensions of 356 x 134 x 33 millimeters and compact plastic case do not suggest it, the VA88M Double Rainbow RGB, weighing a proud 1.90 kilograms, is absolutely safe on the table and feels extremely robust. This is not in the least due to the built-in steel plate under the switches, making the keyboard very rigid. For extra grip on the desk, Varmilo has placed a number of rubber pads at the bottom, and the keyboard angle can be easily adjusted with two extendable feet. As usual, Varmilo doesn’t include a palm rest.

Detachable USB cable and long-lasting PBT keycaps

Another feature of the keyboard is its removable USB cable, located on the bottom of the keyboard. The keyboard offers three practical routing possibilities for the USB cable, thanks to grooves in the bottom of the keyboard. Depending on your preference, you can lead the cable to the back, the left side, or the right side of the chassis.

Not just the chassis but also the VA88M Double Rainbow RGB keycaps are a clean matte white. The name of the keyboard, of course, is not an accident: the labels of the keys are printed in many different shades. From side to side, the gradient is like a rainbow.

Special attention was paid to the keycaps on the space bar and escape keys. While the latter features a circular rainbow logo, the space bar features a colorful print all around its sides that blends in perfectly with the gradient of the key labels. Keyboard enthusiasts will also be pleased that Varmilo is relying on PBT caps. These offer a better typing sensation and a longer lifespan. They also reflect less light off their surface when compared to their ABS cousins.

CHERRY MX RGB Red switches for reliable and fast input

Even more relevant to the lifespan and typing experience than the key caps are the switches of a keyboard. In the case of the VA88M Double Rainbow RGB, CHERRY's proven MX RGB Red switches are used. With the highest precision and a lifespan of more than 50 million actuations, these mechanical key switches fit perfectly with this robust keyboard. The linear switch characteristics, a travel of two millimeters and a relatively low actuation force of 45 centinewton make these switches ideal for fast input and maximum responsiveness. At first glance the VA88M has almost no features of a traditional gaming keyboard, but don’t be mistaken: the MX RGB Red switches make this keyboard well-equipped for gaming. Of course, these switches are also ideal for typing texts and other everyday applications.

The use of the RGB variant of CHERRY MX Red switches means that this keyboard offers a wide range of lighting options to match its rainbow design. A lens is integrated into the transparent case of each switch, allowing a luminous representation of all 16.7 million colors of the RGB spectrum. The CHERRY switches don’t just contribute to performance, but also to the stunning look of the keyboard.

Alternatively, Varmilo also offers the keyboard with CHERRY MX RGB Silent RedMX ClearMX RGB Speed SilverMX RGB Brown and MX RGB Blue.

Keeping it simple without additional keys and dedicated software

Varmilo keeps the VA88M Double Rainbow RGB basic by not adding additional buttons. Nevertheless, it is possible to use multimedia functions such as Start, Stop or Mute. Some of the keys double as hotkeys by simultaneously pressing the Fn-key. Keyboard lighting can also be controlled in this way: despite a complete absence of dedicated software, different lighting effects and light intensity levels can be set with the Fn-hotkey combinations. Macros, on the other hand, cannot be assigned to the VA88M by default. Users will have to resort to third-party software, such as AutoHotKey.


The Varmilo VA88M Double Rainbow RGB is a worthy representative of the custom keyboard segment. Compared to current gaming keyboards, its simple appearance and space-saving design looks refreshingly clean. Quality and stability are guaranteed at the highest level. The VA88M Double Rainbow RGB is extremely robust and offers the best performance in everyday operation thanks to the highly reliable CHERRY MX RGB Red switches. The absence of additional buttons and dedicated software complete the minimalist concept. Optical highlights give this keyboard a colorful accent. Supported by the luminous RGB lighting of the CHERRY MX RGB Red switches, this Varmilo keyboard guarantees a unique look on any modern desk.