The Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB is the absolute top model in the manufacturer's keyboard range. Some of its characteristics are its solid build quality, unique design, and high performance for PC enthusiasts. To meet the requirements of these enthusiast users, Thermaltake uses reliable CHERRY MX switches. One of the highlights of this mechanical keypad is the RGB illumination that can be controlled with an app for smartphones or tablets. This app also allows further detailed adjustments to the keyboard. We’ll talk about all of the features of the TT Premium X1 RGB in this article.

Specifications at a glance

  • Keyboard Layout: Standard
  • Switch Type: CHERRY MX RGB Speed Silver (optional: CHERRY MX BLUE RGB)
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Macro Keys: All keys can be configured for macros with Fn- and Print-keys
  • Response Rate: <1ms
  • Matrix: 100% Anti-Ghosting with N-Key-Rollover
  • Software / Integrated Memory: Yes (X1 RGB Gaming Keyboard Software) / 4 MB
  • Media Keys: Five multimedia hot-keys including volume wheel
  • Palm Rest: Detachable, magnetic
  • Dimensions: 464,98 mm x 170,52 mm x 40,39 mm
  • Weight: 1,598 kg

TT Premium X1 RGB in detail

The TT Premium X1 RGB has a modern design, where the key switches have only been half-sunk into the solid metal base plate. This allows for a colorful RGB illumination of the switches, which provides contrast to the otherwise black design of the keyboard. The metal base plate ensures a high stability and solid stand of the keyboard thanks to a resulting total weight of just under 1.6 kilograms.

For a nice touch, Thermaltake uses a matt black plastic frame on the outside. An RGB illuminated TT Premium logo in the upper left corner is another distinctive feature of this sleek and minimalist keyboard.

Detachable, magnetic palm rest and USB- and audio-passthrough

On the frontside of the 465 x 171 x 40 millimeter-sized TT Premium X1 RGB, the included palm rest can be easily and securely fastened with a strong magnetic connection. The palm rest complements the design of the keyboard with the same matte black finish. Combining the palm rest with the two-stage adjustable feet at the back of the keyboard gives the user a number of adjustment possibilities with regard to ergonomics.

Two passthrough connectors are integrated into the back of the keyboard to make it easier to work with. One of the connectors allows the user to directly connect USB devices, such as a mouse or USB drive. The other connector is a 3.5-millimeter jack, so you can connect a headphone to your PC. This solution simplifies cable management: the only connection to the computer is the durable, sheathed USB-cable of the X1 RGB.

Interchangeable key caps, dedicated hotkeys, and on-the-fly macro recording

The key caps of the X1 RGB are made of ABS and with their matt black finish they fit perfectly to the rest of the keyboard's design. For those who want to highlight the important gaming keys WASD and QREF, the keyboard box includes additional keycaps in a shiny red color. These interchangeable key caps will be an appealing eye-catcher.

The five multimedia keys in the upper right corner of the keyboard are clearly separated and they are RGB illuminated as well. In addition to Start/Pause, Stop, Forward, Back, and Mute, there is also a Volume Up/Down-wheel. Next to these multimedia keys you’ll find three round keys to activate WinKey-Lock, to control the RGB LED brightness, and to start Game Mode, in which individual macros can be activated. These macros can be easily recorded via a hotkey without the need for custom software using on-the-fly macro recording. These macros can be invoked with a combination of the Fn-key and a normal key, allowing for options such as detailed control of RGB lighting effects or to active different keyboard profiles.

CHERRY MX RGB Speed Silver or Blue

We’ve already mentioned the open design of the keyboard chassis, which allows a clear view of the switches of the TT Premium X1 RGB. Thermaltake is offering two variants from the CHERRY MX RGB line-up. Users can choose between CHERRY MX RGB Speed Silver or CHERRY MX RGB Blue switches. MX RGB Speed Silver switches are particularly suitable for gamers thanks to linear switching characteristics and a very short actuation point of just 1.2 millimeters. These switches also have a low actuation force of 45 centinewton, which allows for lightning fast response times; quite useful during hectic gaming battles and in first-person shooters.

MX RGB Blue: a popular choice for writers

Especially those users who write long texts will find tactile and acoustic feedback extremely helpful. Some of the fastest writers rely on CHERRY MX RGB Blue switches for this reason. After a travel of 2.2 millimeters you will hear an audible click and with an actuation force of 60 centinewton these key switches also require a little more force to press, which is generally helpful when writing and reduces the error rate.

Configuring RGB synchronization and macro-functionality with software


The RGB illumination of the CHERRY MX switches is without question the visual highlight of the TT Premium X1 RGB. The transparent switch housing with integrated lens, together with a high-quality RGB LED, provides a clear representation of all 16.7 million colors of the RGB spectrum. The keyboard already offers different lighting effects out-of-the-box, but with the X1 RGB software you can configure an almost infinite number of lighting options. Individual colors can be applied to each individual key and it’s easy to implement custom light patterns and effects can.

A special feature is RGB synchronization with compatible Thermaltake RGB. Just like the X1 RGB, these products can be easily recognized by the TT RGB Sync logo. The full range of compatible products includes, among others, case fans, PC power supplies, and even numerous cooling products. By configuring these products in the software, you could light up your entire setup in the same color or with the same effects.

Apart from the lighting control, the software provides set-up and configuration for macros, offering a much higher level of control than with the on-the-fly macro recording functionality. In addition, the X1 RGB gaming keyboard software allows you to configure six different profiles which can be directly activated on the keyboard via hotkeys. This all makes it incredibly easy to enable different macros or lighting effects on the X1 RGB.

Smartphone and tablet app with voice control and VGC

One last amazing feature of Thermaltake's TT Premium X1 RGB is its smartphone and tablet app for iOS and Android. This is without question an unusual yet innovative feature for a gaming keyboard. Many users will find the features of these mobile apps very useful, though: they allow users to define macros, adjust lighting effects, and configure all six profiles. Unique is the option to configure many of these settings via voice control – Thermaltake utilizes Amazon's increasingly popular Alexa voice service to make this possible. If necessary, the user can, for example, configure Alexa to adjust the lighting of the keyboard to the current weather conditions.

Finally, the app offers added value to owners of the X1 RGB with its patented Virtual Game Controller (VGC) mode. The smartphone or tablet screen becomes a virtual controller. Movements of the on-screen analogue stick as well as button clicks are translated into inputs on the actual keyboard and transmitted to the PC via a wireless connection. For gamers, this allows for a console-like gaming experience that requires no additional input devices or tangled cables.


The Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB is an extraordinary sleek and stylish mechanical keyboard, packed with features as well as some remarkable extras. Visually, the RGB illumination is the highlight of the keyboard. With its comprehensive software solution, users can create individual lighting effects, store them in six profiles that are easy to invoke, and synchronize them with compatible TT RGB Sync products. And if desktop software is not enough, Thermaltake also offers an X1 RGB app for smartphone and tablet, which includes voice control and an innovative, virtual game controller mode.

The high standards of the TT Premium brand is evident from the solid construction and the use of CHERRY MX switches. CHERRY guarantees a maximum service life and highest switch quality for these switches. With CHERRY MX RGB Blue and CHERRY MX RGB Speed Silver, users have two very popular variants of these German switches to choose from, which should simplify the buying process for both gamers and writers.