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With the Argent K5 RGB, Thermaltake sends the best mechanical keyboard from its portfolio into the race so far. The gaming keyboard glosses in a silver sheen and is the centerpiece of the high-quality Argent series. The eponymous aluminum plate in a streamlined titanium design, combined with 360-degree RGB lighting, gives the Argent K5 RGB the desired premium look. However, the keyboard not only convinces in terms of elegant design but also offers rotatable volume control and compatibility with the company's own iTake engine software, as well as a variety of other technical features. The high-end keyboard is rounded off using high-quality CHERRY MX switches, which guarantee durability. In this blog post, you can find out what other special features the Argent K5 RGB has to offer.




  • Keyboard Layout: Full-Size
  • Key switches: CHERRY MX RGB (Speed Silver and Blue)
  • Backlight: RGB (16.8 million colors)
  • Macro keys: No
  • Sampling rate: Up to one millisecond
  • Matrix: Full-N key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting
  • Software: iTAKE, TT RGB PLUS
  • Integrated memory: 4 MB
  • Media keys: Five media keys and volume control
  • Palm rest: Yes
  • Dimensions: 465 mm x 161 mm x 46 mm (without palm rest)
  • Weight: 1.465 kg


The appearance of the full-size keyboard is convincing: unlike other peripheral manufacturers, Thermaltake opts for an unusual but quite artistic design. The frame as well as the top plate are made of high-quality aluminum, which provides for the striking look of the Argent K5 RGB. The asymmetrical curve design makes the left part of the keyboard stand out visually. The area of the arrow keys and the Numpad, which is mounted on a black plate, appears slightly offset downwards. This separation gives the keyboard its two-part look. The lasered font on the ABS keycaps also focuses on modernity and rounds off the stylish design. The keyboard's open construction allows first glimpses of the built-in CHERRY MX switches and additionally supports the excellent RGB illumination.


As the name suggests, the Argent K5 RGB is equipped with programmable RGB lighting. Thermaltake integrated a 360-degree RGB underglow here, which can be customized with 14 different lighting effects. This creates the desired halo glow around the keyboard as well as provides a stunning light show. Additionally, the keyboard impresses with another 13 illuminations on the front, with users able to choose from 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum here as well. The Argent K5 RGB is also TT RGB PLUS compatible. The intelligent lighting system allows suitable Thermaltake products to be synchronized with each other in terms of lighting to create a uniform RGB atmosphere.


For even more customization, the integrated additional buttons above the Numpad allow user-friendly media control and favorite lighting settings at the touch of a button. The rotatable volume control made of aluminum completes the silver appearance of the Argent K5 RGB. The straightforward operation allows for quick and easy volume control. Pressing it sideways mutes or activates the audio output.

Also included is a leatherette-covered palm rest, which can be effortlessly attached to the keyboard thanks to the magnetic connection. The non-slip mounting feet provide even more ergonomics and comfort. Users can choose between three fixed settings.

On the back are a USB 2.0 hub and a 3.5-millimeter audio jack for connecting compatible devices quickly and easily. The integrated USB connection cable with a length of approximately 1.8 meters provides enough room for maneuvering and offers the desired durability thanks to the braided textile casing.


Additionally, Thermaltake's Argent K5 RGB is compatible with the company's iTAKE engine software, rounding out the customization process of the mechanical keyboard. Users can switch between up to six gamer profiles thanks to the four megabytes of onboard memory. In addition to macro recording, key mapping, and brightness adjustments, favorite lighting effects can also be configured as well as saved. iTAKE also allows synchronization of RGB lighting with other compatible devices for a consistent look. In addition, the Argent K5 RGB features anti-ghosting and N-key rollover for all keys, as well as a polling rate of a whopping 1.000 hertz.


The Argent K5 RGB comes with two different CHERRY MX switch variants. Thus, users can choose between CHERRY MX RGB Speed Silver and CHERRY MX RGB Blue. With an actuation force of only 45 centinewtons and a pre travel of only 1.2 millimeters, the MX Speed Silver is one of the fastest MX switches for desktop applications and is particularly suitable for those who value fast and direct input.

The alternative variant differs significantly from the linear Speed switches in terms of switching characteristics: the CHERRY MX RGB Blue offers a tactile typing feel including acoustic feedback with an actuation force of 65 centinewtons and a pre travel of 2.2 millimeters. Thus, inputs are consistently acknowledged with the characteristic click noise.


The Argent K5 RGB is a real gem among gaming keyboards not only in terms of the asymmetrical curve design and the resulting two-part look but also due to the high-quality equipment and the numerous technical specifications as well as components. In addition to integrated additional keys, the eye-catching aluminum volume control, and the leatherette-covered palm rest with magnetic attachment, Thermaltake's Argent K5 RGB also offers high-quality features under the keycaps. The keyboard is supported by both the "TT RGB PLUS" intelligent lighting system and the proprietary iTAKE engine software to provide extensive configuration options beyond the keyboard, realizing synchronization between compatible hardware. Thanks to the open design, the mechanical keyboard shines in excellent RGB illumination and offers maximum customization in combination with numerous features. Thermaltake also focuses on individualization regarding the precise CHERRY MX switches and allows the choice between the clicky CHERRY MX Blue and the fast CHERRY MX Speed Silver. The Argent K5 RGB is a real recommendation for all gamers who go for extravagance and do not want to do without user-friendly personalization.