11/2020 by PAUL GÖRNHARDT / HOLGER DASSLER - Back to overview

Mistel might not be a well-known brand in the mechanical keyboard landscape, but their products are extremely unique and innovative. That’s also the case for the Barocco MD770 RGB, a compact tenkeyless keyboard that can be split in two parts for better ergonomics. The keyboard is built around CHERRY MX switches for reliable input and a variety of different switch characteristics, depending on the MX switch selected. Mistel offers the MD770 RGB in four variants of the popular switches, including the popular Silent Red. In this blog post we’ll talk about the design and features of the keyboard as well as the different MX characteristics you can choose from.

Specification at a glance:

  • Keyboard Layout: Tenkeyless compact (75%)
  • Switch Type: CHERRY MX (Red, Brown, Blue, Silent Red)
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Macro Keys: Yes, using hotkey functionality
  • Software / Integrated Memory: - / -
  • Media Keys: Yes, using hotkey functionality
  • Palm Rest: -
  • Dimensions: 320 mm x 140 mm x 34.5 mm
  • Weight: 810 grams

Mistel Barocco MD770 RGB: design and build quality

The design of the Mistel Barocco MD770 RGB is extremely basic and compact; the latter mainly due to the keyboard's 75% TKL layout, in which the numeric pad is completely omitted and the function row block is condensed into one vertical column. The looks of the MD770, which is available in white and black with orange lettering, are elegant and clean.

Its basic design is in no way indicative of the build quality: Mistel has opted for durable materials, such as double-shot PBT key caps. This means that characters are not printed on the key caps but actually molded, which makes them resistant to abrasion and won’t appear in normal use. 

Ergonomic design

Unique about the Barocco MD770 RGB is that the keyboard consists of two halves: clicked together, the keyboard looks like a regular compact TKL keyboard, but when separated you can operate each part with a different hand. This allows you to position the keyboard halves in the most comfortable, ergonomic position that fits with your individual preferences.

Four heavy-duty rubber feet give the MD770 a very solid grip on the desk. Mistel also allows you to place the rubber feet on the insides of the keyboard halves, creating a tilt from the center to the sides. This leads to a more natural position for your wrists, enabling long work or gaming sessions without major signs of fatigue or wrist pain.

Another contribution to the ergonomics are the various options of mechanical CHERRY MX switches.

Useful feature set including RGB effects and macros

Even though the Barocco MD770 RGB does not come with integrated memory or a software tool, it still offers many customization features. Through a dedicated hotkey combination it is possible to cycle through different RGB lighting effects on the keyboard and increase or decrease the brightness and effect speed. Macros are programmed via a dedicated hotkey as well, allowing the user to quickly execute complex key strokes or combinations. Mistel supports three layer profiles for macros as well as three different keyboard layouts (QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak).

The microcontroller supports full N-Key Rollover for a correct interpretation of multiple keypresses, and the keyboard is connected to the computer over a detachable USB-C cable. This means the cable can be easily swapped out for a shorter or longer cable, or replaced in case of a defect. USB-C is also used to connect the two halves, when separated.

As a bonus, Mistel has included the ‘missing’ key caps for the numeric block, in case you want to use the PBT key caps on a full-size keyboard with CHERRY MX switches in the future. A tapered CapsLock key cap is also included in the box, as is a key cap puller.

Built with CHERRY MX switches

With the Barocco MD770 RGB, buyers can choose between four different key switch variants: CHERRY MX Red, MX Silent Red, MX Brown, and MX Blue. This allows users to stick to their preferred, familiar switching characteristics. The sample we’ve tried came equipped with the popular CHERRY MX BROWN switches. These offer a tactile switching characteristic without audible click, and as mentioned, these switches have a total travel distance of 4.0 millimeters and an actuation point of 2.0 millimeters. In addition, a actuating force of 55 Centinewtons is required to trigger the switches.


The extremely versatile Mistel Barocco MD770 RGB has impressed us with a compact size, clean design, and useful feature set. The ability to split the keyboard in two separate halves is unique and offers a high level of ergonomics compared to regular keyboard. We are also pleasantly surprised by the choice of available CHERRY MX switch variants. Letting the buyer choose between several switch variants means everyone can pick their favorite switching characteristics. Typists and gamers looking for a compact, ergonomic keyboard will not be disappointed by the Barcocco MD770 RGB.