After G.Skill successfully entered the high-end gaming keyboard market with its KM780, the company has decided to expand its lineup of Ripjaws products with a more cost-effective keyboard. The result is the Ripjaws KM570, which at first glance might seems a bit less obvious, but brings along many of the features of its big brother. In addition to Macro functionality and software-controllable RGB backlighting, the ergonomically shaped keycaps on this keyboard include CHERRY MX switches, which will guarantee the highest possible quality with the best typing experience. The rest of the special features carried by the G.Skill Ripjaws KM570 will be detailed in this article.


  • Keyboard layout: standard
  • Switches: CHERRY MX Speed Silver RGB (Optional CHERRY MX Brown RGB, Blue RGB, Red RGB or MX Speed Silver, Red, Brown and Blue with model Ripjaws KM570 MX)
  • Backlight: RGB (Non RGB also available)
  • Macro keys: All keys except "Fn" and "MR" can be assigned as macro key
  • Sample Rate: Up to one millisecond
  • Matrix: 100% anti-ghosting with N-Key rollover
  • Software and built-in memory: Available (G.Skill Driver System)
  • Media buttons: Three dedicated multimedia keys plus four multimedia hotkeys
  • Palm rest: Not available
  • Dimensions: 446.5mm x 158.8mm x 45.5mm
  • Weight: 1.25 kg

G.Skill Ripjaws KM570 RGB in Detail

At first glance, the G.Skill Ripjaws KM570 might appear only moderately robust, given the fully-plastic frame. However, upon unpacking, its relatively high weight and low structural flexibility clearly stand out. This is due to a thick white steel plate, which the manufacturer has installed inside the keyboard chassis right below the switches. Due to its white finish, this baseplate also aids the RGB lighting due to its reflective bright color – highlighting the KM570 RGB’s backlighting. Apart from the colored lighting and the white G.Skill logo above the arrow keys, the KM570 has an all-black design. 

Ergonomically Contoured Keycaps and Quick Function Hot Keys

One of the features adopted from G.Skill's flagship KM780 RGB are the so-called "Contoured Keycaps". The key rows along the short side of the keyboard are laid out in five different height levels, resulting in a concave surface. The manufacturer promises a natural and comfortable position of the fingers, which, among other things, pays off in long gaming sessions.

Unlike its big brother, the KM570 RGB uses significantly fewer additional keys, which makes the keyboard more compact and more affordable: The keyboard measures approximately 447 x 159 x 46 centimeters and extends the standard layout by just four additional keys in the upper, right corner.
However, with features like Media Playback Control, quick access to Windows applications, and keyboard and lighting adjustments, the user does not have to sacrifice the F1-to-F12 keys thanks to the easy-to-reach Function hotkeys.

Dedicated additional keys for volume control and on-the-fly macro recording

The additional keys are useful, especially for volume control. Gamers, but also almost all other users welcome the feature, because volume adjustment through the speaker icon in the operating system takes much longer than simply pressing on a hardware button. The “MR” key can be found at the top right, which enables on-the-fly macro recording. This feature allows users to assign a macro to almost any key without the need for software – an important feature of the KM570. 

CHERRY MX Speed Silver, Brown, Blue and Red

At the heart of the KM570 RGB are CHERRY's MX RGB switches. Four different variants from the line-up of the German manufacturer are offered, so the user can select their preferred switch type from MX Red RGB, Brown RGB, Blue RGB or Speed Silver RGB. The latter, with features such as the linear switching characteristics and very short release travel of only 1.2 millimeters, is ideal for gaming use. Together with a low actuation force of 45 grams, these switches are built for extremely short response times and high switching frequencies commonly required in hectic battles in PC games.

CHERRY MX Blue RGB as popular choice among writers

Especially for writing long texts, many users like switches with tactile and auditory feedback. That’s why some of the fastest typists rely on the blue variant of CHERRY’s MX switches. After 2.2 mm of travel, the MX Blue RGB is actuated with an auditory click. With 60 centinewton of force required for actuating, these switches also require a little more force to type on, reducing error rates in typing.

CHERRY MX Brown RGB as a silent alternative to the blue switches

If the auditory feedback of the CHERRY MX Blue switches is undesirable, such as in office locations, the CHERRY MX Brown switches offer a great alternative. They maintain the tactile feedback but without the click. Actuation happens at 55 centinewton of force, when the key passes 2 mm. In addition to office users who need quiet operation, the CHERRY MX Brown RGB switches offer an excellent middle ground for gamers and typists alike.

Responsive input with CHERRY MX Red RGB

Lastly, the G.Skill KM570 RGB is also available with the red version of CHERRY’s MX RGB switches. This switch has been extremely popular among PC gamers for years due to its proven, linear switching characteristics and low spring resistance. The key triggers at just 45 centinewton of force and 2 mm of travel. These switches are therefore particularly well-suited to gaming, but also a popular choice among other users.

RGB lighting and macro functionality controllable via software

If adjusting the lighting and macros via hardware buttons is not your thing, users can also adjust them in the software suite included with the G.Skill KM570 RGB. Each switch comes with a transparent housing, which integrates a high-quality RGB LED capable of lighting up in 16.7 million different colors. Each switch can be individually customized for color. The G.Skill Driver System allows users to easily assign individual color shades, lighting patterns, or other effects, as well as customize macros.


With the G.Skill KM570 RGB, G.Skill has launched a worthy addition to the flagship KM780 RGB. This new keyboard offers many of the features required by gamers nowadays, but in a cheaper keyboard. Macro support is present, extra buttons make customizability easy, and RGB lighting is the cherry on top. CHERRY’s MX RGB switches are the KM570’s beating heart. Another major advantage is the ability for buyers to choose their favorite CHERRY MX RGB switch with four different switches being available: MX Speed Silver RGB, Red RGB, Blue RGB and Brown RGB. Lastly, the G.Skill KM570 also comes in a single-color backlighting variant with the regular non-RGB MX switches.