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Together with Cooler Master we're giving away the new Masterkeys MK750 gaming keyboard flagship, which is equipped with CHERRY MX switches. And that’s not all: if you’re the winner, you get to pick your favourite MX switch color for this keyboard! Learn how to participate in the raffle in this post.

Win one Cooler Master Masterkeys MK750 with CHERRY MX switches

In this raffle, contestants will have the chance to win a brand-new Cooler Master Masterkeys MK750. This flagship mechanical gaming keyboard features a minimalistic design and a sleek profile. The removable, magnetic, and padded wrist rest provides great comfort. An integrated, surrounding RGB light bar ensures a striking look. But that's not all: gamers will benefit from many other useful features, such as the On-the-fly system, dedicated multimedia keys and a hybrid key rollover technique that guarantees reliable input.

The integrated CHERRY MX switches ensure consistent fast response times, high precision, and reliable typing comfort. The Cooler Master Master Keys MK750 is available in two MX switch variants. CHERRY MX Red switches offer linear switching characteristics without an audible click. Due to the low spring resistance a key press requires an actuation force of a mere 45 centinewton, with a pre-travel of two millimeters. This enables fast typing and input in fast-paced action games.

The MK750 is also available with CHERRY MX Brown switches, well-known for their tactile switching characteristics without an audible click. The actuation force is 55 centinewton, whereas the pre-travel of two millimeters remains the same. The MX Brown's tactile feedback makes it ideal for accurate typing. The winner of this raffle decides with which switches he or she would like to receive the Masterkeys MK750.

RGB lighting including light bar

No matter which MX switch the winner chooses, the effect-rich RGB lighting is a part of the board regardless. The Masterkeys MK750 offers eleven lighting effects out of the box, such as ‘breathing’, ‘color cycle’ or ‘raindrops’. Of course, gamers may also program their desired LED effects. For more visual accentuation, the new RGB light bar surrounds the front and sides. This creates a subtle, atmospheric lighting.

Feature set focused on PC gamers

The simple exterior has a robust and high-quality base thanks to an anodised aluminum top plate. In terms of functionality, Cooler Master has focused completely on the sophisticated demands of gamers. The multimedia keys are available as separate controls and thanks to the On-the-fly system, keys and macro functions can be programmed directly on the keyboard, in order to be able to react to different situations in the game. Dedicated software is also available to configure these settings in a convenient way.

The USB connection cable complies with the Type-C standard and is removable, which makes it easier to transport the keyboard and replace the cable in case of a failure. The 32-bit ARM Cortex processor in the MK750 handles 6-key and N-key rollovers and anti-ghosting, ensuring reliable and accurate processing of all pressed keys. The feature set is completed by an extra nine extremely robust double-shot PBT replacement key caps.

Off to the competition!

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