12/2020 by PAUL GÖRNHARDT / HOLGER DASSLER - Back to overview

The quality brand FILCO from the Japanese manufacturer DIATEC swims against the tide with its new Majestouch Stingray keyboard and forgoes frills like RGB lighting. Instead, they focus on the best possible execution of the features. The result is a model that provides long-lasting and reliable performance in a classic office look. The keyboard relies on flat CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RED switches and is consequently characterized by its particularly slim profile while offering the familiar typing feel of a mechanical keyboard. We will explain what else the Stingray can do in this blog post.


  • Keyboard Layout: Standard or TKL
  • LED Color: -
  • Macro Keys: -
  • Matrix: N-Key-Rollover
  • Software: -
  • Integrated Memory: Yes
  • Media Keys: Available as Fn-shortcuts
  • Palm Rest: -
  • Dimensions: 44 x 13,8 x 3,17 cm (Standard), 35,8 x 13,8 x 3,17 cm (TKL)
  • Weight: 1100 grams (Standard), 900 grams (TKL)


The Majestouch Stingray immediately stands out with its elegant and unobtrusive design. This is no coincidence, as FILCO keyboards are specifically characterized by intrinsic qualities such as their high build quality and long lifespan. With the Stingray, the manufacturer now wants to attract users who want the most reliable mechanical keyboard possible without bells and whistles in a flat form factor. Therefore, it combines CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE switches with the classic FILCO quality.


The Majestouch Stingray is available in a standard or TKL layout. The keys are arranged in stepped rows to relieve the strain on fingers and wrists with their ergonomic profile. Furthermore, fold-out feet on the back simplify use when needed. You can also choose whether you prefer the lettering on the top or the front of the keycaps.


The Majestouch Stingray offers various media control options via dedicated shortcut keys. The 1.8-meter USB cable is hard-wired and can be routed through three different openings on the bottom on the left, right and in the center for a tidy desk. Inside, FILCO uses a dampening foam mat to refine the typing feel. At the same time, the keyboard easily recognizes numerous successive or simultaneous key strokes thanks to N-Key rollover.


While CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RED switches usually offer the possibility for RGB illumination, FILCO opts for an unconventional approach with the Stingray: they choose not to use RGB lighting at all. According to the manufacturer this should underpin their focus on durable products of the highest quality, as the stripped-down design is meant to eliminate potential sources of error. Accordingly, no additional software is needed for further configuration. Used shortcuts are documented on a sticker on the back.


The Majestouch Stingray is exclusively available with CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RED switches. This variant, specially developed for flat keyboards, allows for particularly slim keyboard designs while retaining the high quality, pleasant typing feel and long durability of classic mechanical switches. The linear switching characteristic triggers after a pre-travel of 1.2 millimeters and allows a total travel of 3.2 millimeters. The actuation force of 45 centinewtons is identical to the classic MX REDs and thus offers the usual balance between intuitive everyday use and ambitious gaming.


In the Majestouch Stingray, FILCO marries the classic design of its popular Majestouch series with the low-profile form factor of CHERRY MX LOW PROFILE RED switches. The result is a high-quality keyboard in line with the manufacturer's reputation with a clear focus on intrinsic qualities. Thus, the elegant design with dampening mat is unmistakably aimed at style-conscious users looking for a well-known brand in a flat key profile. Those who cannot do without RGB and various macro keys for their gaming setup are in the wrong place; on the other hand, the Majestouch Stingray is an exciting option in a sleek guise for entry-level mechanical low-profile keyboards.