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With the Raise, Dygma offers an ergonomic split keyboard that is on a very high level in terms of build quality. The manufacturer relies on high-quality materials and adds a noble look to the whole package. In addition, there are numerous features and some clever technical solutions. These include not only the exchangeable key switches but also the special illumination, the split function, and the software. The latter allows extensive individualizations and the creation of layers. This makes the Dygma Raise one of the most interesting split keyboards on the market. In this article, we will introduce the two color variants with different CHERRY MX switches.

In 2016, Luis "Deilor" Sevilla founded Dygma with the ambition to offer something special to the gaming community. As a former coach of the Fnatic LOL team, he has received feedback on input devices from numerous professionals over the years. After a few prototype phases, he introduced the final Raise keyboard. This model was initiated as a Kickstarter project and managed to generate nearly 200,000 euros from almost 1,000 backers. In the meantime, the company offers the Raise keyboard in different layouts and colors. You can read about the features, functions and specialties of the visually appealing keyboard in this introduction article.   


  • Keyboard layout: 60%, split
  • Key switches: CHERRY MX RED, MX BROWN, MX BLUE
  • Backlight: RGB LEDs
  • Macro keys: All keys
  • Matrix: N-key rollover
  • Software: Bazecor
  • Integrated memory: Available
  • Media keys: Variable configurable
  • Palm rest: Integrated
  • Dimensions: 20.9 x 33.0 x 3.3 cm
  • Weight: 690 grams
  • Features: ergonomic split design, hot-swappable PCB, included test switches and o-rings, programmable layers


Dygma Raise is a very special keyboard designed to combine ergonomics and performance. For this, the manufacturer has taken feedback from professionals and the community to create a keyboard that stands out from the ordinary. The Dygma Raise is clearly characterized by the compact dimensions as well as the split design and differs massively from conventional keyboards.

Thanks to the 60 percent layout, the model measures only 20.9 x 33.0 x 3.3 centimeters when put together, meaning that only a small amount of space is taken on the desk. Furthermore, the two halves can also be used separately from each other, so there is plenty of room for the mouse to move around.


Dygma relies on high-quality materials for the Raise. This includes a double-coated, anodized aluminum case, which not only looks noble but also ensures high durability. Due to this, the compact keyboard weighs 690 grams, resulting in a stable stand on the desk. In addition, the model offers other features, such as RGB lighting with under glow and a total of eight thumb keys.

In combination with the special angle of tilting and the new positioning options, the Dygma Raise supports a healthy posture at the PC and prevents ailments caused by an incorrect position of the hands as well as the upper body. For example, the distance between the two halves can be individually adjusted to reduce internal shoulder rotation. The posture of the back and hands is also improved by the split design and the special tilt angle of three degrees. Together with the integrated palm rests and pads, Dygma achieves a more neutral wrist support. 


In terms of features, the Dygma Raise has a lot to offer. Among them is the special split mechanism, which is connected via the so-called "joint". Here, the manufacturer uses small tubes or pins and strong magnets, which means that the keyboard holds together absolutely reliably when assembled. The special feature: The joint can be adjusted with screws.

Apart from that, the split keyboard offers the feature to exchange the switches. Thanks to the hot-swap functionality, the key switches can be easily changed. This allows individual zones with different switch characteristics to be set up. Gamers can, for example, assign the WASD area with fast, linear switches. 

Another highlight of the Dygma Raise is the RGB lighting, which is not only found on the switches but has also been integrated into the lower area of the case as an under glow element. In this case, the colors can be adjusted in 62 zones, taking customization to the next level.  

Due to the unique layout with almost symmetrical halves, the Dygma Raise is equally suitable for left- and right-handed users. This is where the programmability of all keys becomes important. The separation of the space bar into four segments as well as the four additional thumb keys in the lower area complete the feature set and support the ergonomic design of the keyboard. The overall package is completed by the integrated palm rests and the removable pads. The padding is connected to the Dygma Raise in a non-slip manner thanks to the silicone coating on the bottom but can be easily removed for cleaning or even replaced if necessary. 

The two sections of the keyboard are connected to the so-called "Neuron" with a long USB-C cable. Inside is the controller that controls the keyboard. The RGB lighting is also integrated into this element. 

Bazecor software

To allow for this extensive customization at all, Dygma provides the Raise with the Bazecor software. This allows for the configuration of all keys in a total of 10 layers and the extensive adjustment of the RGB lighting. It can also be used to update the firmware and set the type of function key actuation.

Available with popular CHERRY MX-SWITCHES

The Dygma Raise is available in a variety of switches. These include the popular MX Red, MX Blue, and MX Brown switches from CHERRY. In this way, Dygma meets the taste of gamers and frequent typists. For the latter, the two tactile variants are suitable, which can come up with a noticeable actuation point and, in the case of the MX Blue, with an acoustic feedback. Gamers will benefit from the characteristics of the MX Red with its linear actuation. 

Dygma also includes a test kit, which contains more switch variants to try out.


With the Raise, Dygma offers a very high-quality split keyboard that shines with excellent manufacturing, high ergonomics, and an extensive feature set. The model appears well-thought-out, and the features are convincing in use. The functionality of the keyboard is also supported by the use of high-quality CHERRY MX switches. Overall, the Dygma Raise can be configured very individually and used in a wide range of applications. So, if you are looking for a high-quality keyboard with ergonomic features, classy design, and gaming-typical features, you should definitely take a look at the Raise.