03/2018 by WILLIAM ZWINGENBERG / HOLGER DASSLER - Back to overview

Corsair’s product portfolio now contains numerous keyboards built with CHERRY MX switches. One such model is the K68, which comes with IP32 splash protection – a feature that very few keyboards have. The IP32 certification protects users and gamers from accidental spills during hectic gaming sessions or everyday use.

However, the K68 was missing RGB lighting – an almost obligatory feature on today’s gaming keyboards. The all-new Corsair K68 RGB with CHERRY MX Red RGB switches makes that dream a reality. It comes with full CUE software integration for maximum customizability and top-tier lighting effects. The following introductory article will inform you of the Corsair K68 RGB’s special features. 

Specifications at a Glance

• Keyboard layout: Standard

• Switch Type: CHERRY MX RGB Red

• LED Color: RGB

• Macro keys: Dually-assignable keys

• Sampling rate: up to 1ms

• Matrix: 100% Anti-Ghosting with Full-Key Rollover

• Media buttons: Seven dedicated media keys

• Wrist rest: Removable

• Dimensions: 455 mm x 170 mm x 39 mm (excl. wrist rest)

• Weight: 1.41 kg (incl. wrist rest)

Corsair K68 RGB in Detail

With the K68 RGB, Corsair is sticking with a sturdy plastic construction with a removable wrist rest for maximum comfort. The underside of the keyboard has two rubber strips that ensure grip on the table. Two feet also allow you to set a steeper typing angle for added comfort. The exterior comes in a matt, completely black finish for a chic basis to present the RGB lighting effects. Regardless of whether the lighting is switched on or disabled, the keyboard always impresses.

Standard Layout with Additional Keys

Measuring in at 455 x 170 x 39 mm, the Corsair K68 RGB offers ample room for a standard keyboard layout, with the free space at its top right allocated to a handful of additional keys. Included in these is a complete set of media keys with three volume buttons, play, stop, and forward and backward-skipping keys. These keys are slightly elevated above the rest of the keyboard for easy accessibility. On the increase, there is also a button to control the brightness of the RGB LED backlighting along with a Windows lock key. This is especially interesting for gamers, who can use it to disable the Windows key between the Ctrl and Alt keys, to ensure that when they accidentally press the Windows key, they stay in the game.

Dust and Splash Protection with IP32 Certification

The main highlight of the Corsair K68 RGB is undoubtedly the water and dust protection. To accomplish this, Corsair covered all the openings around the switches and keycaps with a transparent silicone layer. Along with this, there are drain ports to ensure that fluids spilled onto the keyboard are drained out, allowing the manufacturer to achieve the IP32 certification. The K68 RGB is protected against solid objects with diameters larger than 2.5 mm and dripping water at an angle of up to 15 degrees. Under these circumstances, neither the electronics nor the mechanical switches should suffer any damage when dust or water is spilled onto the keyboard. In the meantime, the transparent silicone material ensures that the RGB lighting effects remain as vivid as ever.

CHERRY MX RGB Red Switches for Reliable, Responsive Input

The Corsair K68 RGB’s switches are German-manufactured CHERRY MX switches. More precisely, they are the proven MX Red switches in the RGB variant with a transparent housing. Due to the linear characteristics and relatively low spring resistance, the keys allow for fast input and maximum responsiveness. The keys only require 45 grams to press and actuate at 2mm of travel. As such, the CHERRY MX Red RGB is built specifically for gamers playing fast-paced titles. However, with their precision, the CHERRY MX RGB Red switches also lend themselves well to typing texts and other everyday applications. 

The use of RGB version of the switches allows users to customize to an almost infinite number of lighting effects with per-key customizable lighting. Each switch contains its own LED capable of 16.7 million colors, which is cast to the keycap through lenses. Thanks to this design, the CHERRY MX RGB Red switches don’t only shine when it comes to performance.

RGB Lighting and Corsair CUE Software

The RGB lighting of the CHERY MX RGB Red switches in the Corsair K68 RGB are individually customizable by the user. To accomplish this, Corsair provides a powerful software tool called Corsair Utility Engine (CUE). In this software package, users can bring together almost all the current input devices in Corsair’s product portfolio. With that, users can configure several compatible devices to operate differently with various programs, or link them together and create effects that are linked across their devices. 

With the Corsair K68 RGB, the software allows almost infinite control over the lighting effects. Color gradients, spirals, random color sequences, and more can all be configured in their duration and intensity, among further customization. The community also offers a comprehensive array of different lighting effects made by users, allowing anyone to make and share their CUE lighting profiles. If you’re too busy gaming to make your own lighting effects, just find one you like and install it. The system highlights which profiles are most popular so that users can experience the best lighting effects right on their desk.


The Corsair K68 RGB is a high-end gaming keyboard that distinguishes itself from the masses, and is no less impressive than the alternative models in Corsair’s portfolio – especially with its IP32 dust and splash protection. The transparent silicone mat built into the K68 RGB ensures that the high reliability and superb precision of the CHERRY MX RGB Red switches remain untainted even when small accidents happen. In hectic gaming sessions, virtually nothing can go wrong. The use of CHERRY MX RGB Red switches also ensures maximum responsiveness and lightning fast input, which clearly shows in gaming, typing, and other everyday tasks. Lastly, thanks to the integrated RGB LED lighting, the mechanical switches allow users to set unique and spectacular lighting effects, all which are adaptable to your own needs through the CUE software and if desired, shared with other users.