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CHERRY MX is expanding its own portfolio with the CHERRY MX Ergo Clear, a derivative that is primarily intended to address the DIY community: In 2011, what originated as a modification by enthusiasts from the mechanical keyboard scene has now been launched as an official MX switch and has been optimized according to CHERRY MX's industry-leading standards. The so-called MX Ergo Clear is featured by a particularly tactile switching characteristic without an audible click as well as a comparatively light actuation force. This positions the model between the classic MX Clear and MX Brown. The MX Ergo Clear is the first special edition of a community switch from CHERRY MX.

CHERRY MX Ergo Clear: Origin of the modification

Especially enthusiasts should already know the Ergo Clear for years: In March 2011, the user "mtl" presented the modification in the well-known Geekhack forum. This essentially consisted of swapping the spring of the conventional MX Clear with the one from the MX Black in order to reduce the actuation and especially the bottom-out force. The result is a smoother typing feel and a more relaxed typing or gaming experience, even over many hours, without tiring the fingers. Additionally, the community member coated the spring and plunger with PTFE-based lubricant to further optimize actuation performance and acoustics. Since the modified MX Clear now felt like a hybrid of classic MX Clear and MX Brown, but had an even better typing feel than the original due to the user optimizations, "mtl" named this switch mod "Ergo Clear".

High demand from the community

Since then, the modification has proven to be extremely popular, which is why the community has been constantly calling for an official variant: It was desired that the Ergo Clear be included in the MX portfolio to save less experienced users from having to modify it manually and to have it available as a simple selection option in the range. Many conversations with well-known enthusiasts and the community were finally the reason for the inclusion of the MX Ergo Clear to more than three decades of proven CHERRY MX product range - of course with appropriate optimizations on an industry-leading level.

No PTFE lubricant, instead high-quality high-performance grease

With the official MX Ergo Clear, CHERRY MX goes a different direction, to achieve the popular benefits of the switch mod: PTFE lubricant coating has been deliberately avoided and, instead, premium high-performance grease has been applied at targeted points in a high-precision, automated process. This ensures low-friction, reliable long-term lubrication and also ensures that the MX Ergo Clear meets CHERRY MX's high standards - including a guarantee of more than 50 million actuations without any loss of typing feel. Of course, with the grease, attention was paid to ensuring that this has the qualities and ingredients of the community-preferred KRYTOX GPL 205 GRADE 0 and is applied into the switch in a perfect amount, without negatively changing the switching characteristics or long-term durability.

Noticeable tactile with reduced actuation force

The official CHERRY MX Ergo Clear offers a prominent, tactile switching characteristic that comes without audible clicking noises. The pre-travel is two millimeters, while the actuation force increases to 55 centiNewtons at the tactile point and then drops to just 40 centiNewtons at the switching point. This means that the MX Ergo Clear clearly meets the community's specifications in terms of typing feel and acoustics.

Force Travel Diagram CHERRY MX Ergo Clear:

Exclusive contact system for an optimal typing experience

Gold Crosspoint Contact System

Like all the MX switches, the MX Ergo Clear is manufactured in the German factory in Auerbach (Oberpfalz) and is continuously controlled to ensure low manufacturing tolerances and a high level of quality. Of course, this switch derivative also uses the exclusive, worldwide unique and unmatched Gold Crosspoint contact system for consistently reliable inputs and highest precision. This not only ensures the previously mentioned durability of far more than 50 million actuations without loss of input quality, but also ensures a typical bounce time of less than one millisecond, enabling ultra-fast inputs.

Available in RGB and non-RGB version

The CHERRY MX Ergo Clear will be available in four versions: Firstly, as an RGB version with the proven translucent upper part and natural-colored lower part, which are optimized for use with RGB or SMD LEDs. An integrated lens and wide diffusion areas ensure high luminance of all 16.8 million colors of the RGB spectrum. Secondly, the MX Ergo Clear will of course also be available as a non-RGB version.

In addition, CHERRY MX offers both versions as models for frame mounting (3-pin) or for PCB mounting with fixing pins (5-pin).

Available at all official distributors, the MX Ergo Clear will also be found in upcoming keyboard models.