Like last year, Asus has also used this year's 2019 CES in Las Vegas to introduce a new mechanical gaming keyboard. After the Strix Flare now the ROG Strix Scope has been introduced, where the manufacturer once again relies on the proven CHERRY MX RGB switches for best performance and reliability.

Visually, the key switches also contribute with a transparent case with integrated lens to the luminous RGB effects, which create a nice contrast to the otherwise completely black design. Thanks to the use of a stable and high-quality aluminium top plate for the chassis, the Strix Scope is an absolute eye-catcher even with the lighting switched off. Asus also integrates a special CTRL key. An enlarged L-CTRL key has been made to help FPS gamers hit the right key every time, without the worry about pressing the Windows key inadvertently. But even the very narrow edge around the keys contributes to the user reaching all the keys well and thus never losing control in fast games. What other special features the Asus ROG Strix SCOPE offers, will be explained in this article


•             Keyboard layout: Standard with enlarged L-Ctrl key and media control hotkeys
•             Key switch: CHERRY MX RGB Red (Optional CHERRY MX RGB Brown, Black, Blue, MX Speed RGB Silver or MX Silent RGB Red)
•             Backlight: Independent RGB lighting for every key plus ROG logo
•             Macro buttons: All keys programmable (except  Fn key)
•             Response rate: As low as 1 millisecond
•             Matrix: 100% Anti-Ghosting With N-Key-Rollover
•             Software / onboard memory: Aura and Armoury II / 4 MB onboard
•             Media buttons: Seven via hotkeys


As mentioned at the beginning, Asus uses a sturdy aluminium top plate, for the ROG Strix Scope chassis, which strikes visually with the chic, black coating and a partially brushed surface finish. This is complemented by a Republic of Gamers lettering at the bottom left as well as an illuminated ROG logo in the opposite corner. The latter glows in sync with the buttons in any shade from the RGB spectrum, providing a nice visual accent.

Cable management can be found on the bottom of the Strix Scope, giving users the flexibility to have the sleeved cable come out on either side, if desired. This allows to reduce the cable clutter on the desk. To ensure a good stand on the latter, Asus uses some rubber pads at the bottom of the case and it also allows you to set a steeper angle of adjustment through two mounting feet.


Unlike the Strix Flare from last year, Asus dispenses with a handball storage system for the Scope model. Given the focus on maximising accessibility, this is a comprehensible step. On top of that, the physical size and surface area of the aluminum top-plate are kept to a minimum, leading to a compact design that saves space on desktops. Despite the compact dimensions, this model also offers the full-fledged standard layout.

Another highlight of the ROG Strix Scope is the CTRL key, which is due to the Xccurate Design two times wider than a regular CTRL key. The enlargement is intended to improve the usability and is additionally supported by two stabilizers under the key cap. A positive side effect is the reduced risk of accidentally hitting the Windows button. The latter and combinations such as Alt + F4 or Alt + Tab, however, can of course also be completely deactivated.

The gaming focus is further supported by the seven multimedia keys on the ROG Strix Scope assigned to F-Keys five to eleven. Fn-lock changes the way F-keys work. Enabling it lets users execute media functions instantly with a single keystroke, eliminating the need to press more than one key. Disable whenever normal F-key functions are needed. 

Double-shot keycaps give the legends better longevity and impressive RGB lighting effects. To help gamers find their favorite keys faster, extra silver WASD keycaps are also bundled in the box. Asus also delivers a keycap puller for easy customization.

One last interesting feature hides behind the traditionally used F12 key, the so-called "stealth key". This allows with the Strix Scope to minimize all windows on the desktop and mute the sound in an instant. According to Asus, this gives the user a little more privacy when the phone rings or someone enters the room unannounced.


Asus is aware of the importance of reliable mechanical key switches for a professional gaming keyboard. As with the previous models, the manufacturer is once again relying on the proven CHERRY MX RGB switches. Using the MX RGB variations with transparent case and integrated lens in each switch, the impressive lighting in all 16.7 million colours of the RGB spectrum really comes into life.

In order to guarantee perfect individual gaming experience for every user, the ROG Strix Scope is available with six different options of the mechanical keys. The keyboard is available with MX RGB RedBrownBlackBlue as well as MX Speed RGB Speed Silver. You can even choose the sound-optimized MX Silent RGB Red. So, you can choose the right switch type for your individual needs and preferences. Information on the different properties of the switches can be found on our website, among other things.


In order to make the most of the lighting options with the CHERRY MX RGB switches, but also to make important settings regarding the keyboard and to define macros, the ROG Strix Scope comes with suitable tools from Asus. Aura software is used for syncing with all other Aura Sync products. Armoury II is for customizing macros, key assignments, and lighting for peripherals (keyboards, mice, headsets).

In terms of lighting effects, the Strix Scope supports Asus Aura Sync and can be synchronized with numerous compatible hardware components from Asus. This means, the keyboard lights up in the same shade and rhythm as, say, your motherboard, your graphics card or even your PC monitor.

In Armoury II you can also record macros and other important settings can be made on the keyboard. The onboard memory can store customized profiles, so users will not lose their personal settings when they use the keyboard on another PC. So, you have your individual settings at your disposal, on the go, and you even can save the latter in five different profiles. You can easily switch between these and a default profile in no time using a simple shortcut.


The Asus ROG Strix Scope is a powerful gaming keyboard that joins the high-end segment on the market with high-quality materials such as the aluminium top plate and an overall high-quality finish. With innovative features such as the enlarged CTRL key or the stealth key, but also with now almost obligatory features such as macro functionality, easy-to-reach multimedia keys and, of course, RGB lighting, the keyboard is a perfect companion for every gamer. Thanks to Aura Sync lighting effects can not only be customized but can also be synced with other compatible components. 

In addition to the perfect illumination of the buttons, the CHERRY MX RGB switches ensure optimal performance of the keyboard. Given availability with six different MX switches variants in the form of MX RGB Red, Brown, Black, Blue, MX Speed RGB Silver or MX Silent RGB Red you can decide what you want to focus on: short response times with quick triggers, precise inputs with tactile feedback, or particularly quiet operation. Even casual players will find their optimal configuration with the Asus ROG Strix Scope that not only allows great gaming experiences, but also supports making writing long texts in everyday life more pleasant and easier to be done.