11/2017 by WILLIAM ZWINGENBERGER - Back to overview

The Aorus K7 is a mechanical high-end keyboard in a purist design that is designed for PC gamers thanks to its special features. With this model, the well-known hardware expert Gigabyte puts a particular emphasis on quality and therefore reinforces the chassis with an anodized aluminum plate. In addition to a better stability compared to pure plastic constructions this gives the K7 an appealing design, especially in combination with the RGB lighting -- Aorus relies on Cherry MX RGB Red switches with transparent housing and integrated lens, which results in an optimal reproduction of the entire color spectrum. In addition, these switches guarantee optimum responsiveness and high reliability in terms of input. All features of the Aorus K7 will be described in this article.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Keyboard Layout: Standard
  • Switch Type: CHERRY MX RGB Red
  • LED Color: RGB
  • Macro Keys: Two functions per key via hot-keys
  • Response Rate: 1ms
  • Matrix: 100% Anti-Ghosting with N-Key-Rollover
  • Software: Aorus Engine
  • Media Keys: Six multimedia hot-keys
  • Palm Rest: Not available

Aorus K7 in detail

Aorus’ goal for the K7 was to create a premium class keyboard. That’s why they equipped the plastic chassis with an anodized and brushed aluminum plate. The combination of these two materials leads to a high stability, as well as four large rubber feet on the bottom, make the keyboard stand securely on the desk.

The feet are fully adjustable with a rotating gear at the back, instead of the usual folding mechanism, so you can set the angle precisely to your personal preferences. The Aorus K7 can be further customized with its RGB lighting effects. The combination of RGB lighting and the anodized grey plate results in a chic, timeless design.

Standard layout with flat chassis

The chassis of the K7 is relatively flat, which makes the mechanical key switches protrude further above the aluminum plate. This leads to more outspoken lighting effects and at the same time facilitates cleaning of the 104 buttons in the standard layout.

While more compact keyboard sizes are available on the market, Aorus has kept mobility in mind even with this full-sized K7. The keyboard comes with a carrying case, while the lack of a palm rest and the chamfered corners of the chassis make this large keyboard very easy to carry with you.

Hot-keys, macros and interchangeable key caps

The number of available keys in the standard layout is practically multiplied by relying on hot-keys in the Aorus K7. Many of the F-keys in the top row and the arrow keys, among others, all have factory-default secondary assignments. For example, the arrow keys give you control over multimedia functionality and RGB lighting. Since it is especially useful for gamers to execute custom commands via macros, it is possible to assign secondary functions to all other keys of the K7, too. These are activated as a hot-key in combination with the Fn-button and configured by software.

Other gamer-specific features include the WinLock function, which guarantees that a game is not interrupted by an accidental press of the Windows key. The manufacturer has also added special replacement caps for the most important keys. A supplied keycap puller allows the standard caps to be easily exchanged for the alternative versions, making it easy to find the WASD keys or other elementary keys during hectic gaming sessions.


One of the most important factors for an extremely responsive gaming keyboard are the built-in switches. That’s why Aorus relies on the tried and tested CHERRY MX RGB Red for the K7. These switches are perfect for fast input with a linear characteristic and a relatively low spring resistance. Actuation only requires a force of 45 centinewton and a two-millimeter pre-travel, making the MX RGB Red ideally suited for gamers.

The RGB version of these mechanical key switches has a further ace up its sleeve: they include an LED in the transparent housing. An optimal representation of all 16.7 million colors of the RGB spectrum provides an optical highlight and ensures that the MX RGB Red not only shines in terms of performance.

Aorus RGB Fusion for synchronised lighting effects

In order to fully exploit the possibilities of the CHERRY RGB lighting, Aorus offers special software for the K7. This allows the user to define lighting effects for each individual button, as well as choose from a predefined set of effects including wave, breathing, and cycling modes. The current configuration can be saved to the internal memory and used on PCs where the Aorus software is not installed.

A special highlight, which ties together all the products of the Gigabyte brand, is the so-called "Aorus RGB Fusion". This feature synchronises the lighting effects of all compatible, RGB-capable hardware components. Settings that have been made for the K7, for example, can be transferred to a multitude of other system components, such as compatible Gigabyte motherboards, graphics cards, coolers, and also other gaming peripherals such as mice and headsets. This will bring your desk to life according to your lighting wishes. A list of compatible products can be found on Gigabyte’s website.


The Aorus K7 is a high-quality, high-end gaming keyboard. The choices in materials for the chassis ensure a robust construction, high stability and appealing design. The CHERRY MX RGB Red is the ideal switch for maximum performance: its linear characteristics allow fast and precise input. A special feature of this keyboard is the extravagant RGB illumination, compatible with Gigabyte’s "Aorus RGB Fusion" feature which allows your entire system to be lighted according to your personal taste.