AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll

AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll
Medical Mouse with 3-button scroll for glossy surfaces
item number: AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse 3-Button Scroll
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Symmetrical left and right-handed mouse for applications in which hygiene is of the utmost importance
Modern, elegant design that meets the highest ergonomic requirements
Flat, gap-free design, optimally suited for wipe-down disinfection
Fully sealed silicone membrane with IP68 rating
Blue light sensor embedded in the bottom panel enables precise cursor control on glossy surfaces
"Wake-up-by-motion" function
Manual, Mouse
The ergonomic AK-PMH3 Medical Mouse is ideal for hygiene-critical environments such as hospitals, medical practices, and microbiological laboratories. Its fully-sealed, gap-free surface facilitates optimal wipe disinfection and protects against dirt and liquids. Being 100% waterproof, the AK-PMH3 can be sprayed, wiped or even fully immersed in water and/or disinfectant. The unique design and the sophisticated technical features make the AK-PMH3 an indispensable tool for both right and left-handed users in demanding environments.

Technical Details

Operating system All operating systems that support USB mouse interface
Cable-length 5.91 ft
Max. storage temperature 140 °F
Min. storage temperature -4 °F
Scope of delivery Manual, Mouse
Protection class IP 68
Master data
Width of product without packaging 2,56 in
Weight main product 5 oz
Height of product without packaging 1,22 in
Length of product without packaging 4,53 in
Mouse Glides
Number of keys 5
Max. resolution (dpi) 1.000 dpi