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Atos SE

Atos SE (Societas europaea) is an international IT services company with annual 2012 revenue of 8.8 billion euros with 77,000 employees in 47 countries. The company's global client base receives the benefits of a comprehensive portfolio which spans three areas of expertise: consulting and technology services, system integration and managed services and BPO and transaction-based, high-tech services via Wordline. With its extensive technological expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, the company supports customers in the following fields: Manufacturing, Retail, Services; Public Administration, Health and Transport, Banking and Insurance; Telecoms, Media and Utilities. The company's primary focus is on business technology. This approach is a combination of corporate strategy, information technology and processes. Clients are given the necessary support to allow them to achieve sustainable business growth along with future-oriented business development. Atos is the global IT partner of the Olympic Games and is listed on the Paris stock exchange as part of NYSE Euronext. It trades under the names Atos, Atos Consulting & Technology Services, Worldline and Atos Worldgrid.


The BITMARCK Group is a full service provider and offers an innovative range of products that are tailored to the needs of health insurance companies. The group’s 1,200 employees work together to provide the latest technologies for health insurance management. They develop software solutions and offer health insurance companies individual services such as consulting. Modern insurance management places great importance on measures to increase efficiency. BITMARCK helps customers to identify savings potential in their business operations. We support our customers with an integrated product portfolio – a one-stop provider for software, consultancy services, technology, maintenance and support. BITMARCK – a highly specialised company with one simple aim: maximum productivity for our customers!

bplan solutions GmbH & Co.KG

The bplan solutions GmbH & Co. KG deals mainly with the topics of software development, consulting and service. In addition to the traditional product development the focus is on individual development and product refinement. Consulting mainly concerns the sectors database, web, password management, strong authentication and identity management. Service includes the sectors of maintenance, support and operation of bplan’s own products as well as for all products in their portfolio and advised by the consulting services..


As a biometrics specialist, Bromba provides consulting services as well as software and hardware components for industrial, trading, and public customers. Based on patented algorithms, Bromba develops and offers fingerprint technology with outstanding performance, especially suited to the challenges of low-cost fingerprint sensors. There is a close cooperation with Cherry in the area of development and software support for biometric devices.

Charismathics GmbH

charismathics has been pioneering the global identity management arena since 2005 and is offering security products and services for a variety of industries ranging from corporate to finance, from e-government to health services, from e-education to telecommunications. When it comes to PKI security, no matter what the form factor you’re looking for is, charismathics fits in the game with solutions addressing traditional smart cards, convenient USB keys, handy soft tokens or even cutting edge mobile applications. With iEnigma®, the company re-invented the smart card, and decade-old visions of designing screens and keyboards onto smart cards have finally become reality. Only one set of credentials serves all needs for a digital identity, whether in the office or on the road. The user is in full control and able to manage them himself directly from the phone. The charismathics Smart Security Interface CSSI© is a comprehensive and agnostic PKI client framework. Extremely versatile, it supports all computer platforms, myriads of smart card operating systems and token profiles, various technologies (including Trusted Platform Modules, RFID tokens, GSM SIM modules) and third party applications. Unparalleled flexibility translates into tremendous independence for enterprises from hardware lifecycles and proprietary software schemes, empowering them to combine different vendors of Token Management Systems and hardware simultaneously, thus dramatically reducing their financial investment in PKI infrastructures.


cryptovision is a leading supplier of innovative IT cryptographic security solutions. Based on its 10 year market experience and broad background in modern cryptographic techniques, such as Elliptic Curve Cryptography, all cryptovision products provide the most state-of-the-art and future-proof technologies. The company specializes in lean add-on components which can be integrated into nearly any IT system to gain more security in a both convenient and cost-effective way. From small devices like citizen eID cards, all the way to large scale IT infrastructures, more than 30 million people worldwide make use of cryptovision products every day in such diverse sectors as defense, automotive, financial, government, retails and industry.


DGN stands for "Deutsches Gesundheitsnetz Service GmbH" (German health network service GmbH). Established in 1997, the company is based in Düsseldorf and has belonged to FREY ADV since October 2010. It operates intranet platforms specifically for the healthcare profession, enabling a secure connection for practice computers and computer networks to the internet. DGN was already certified in 2005 as a "KV-SafeNet provider", linking the various Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVs) to their network. And since 2009, it has been operating the KV broadband backbone that networks these associations with each other. Since 2007, DGN has also been accredited the status "trust centre" by the Federal Network Agency and has gone on to become one of the leading telematics service providers in the German healthcare system. Employing state-of-the-art communications and security technologies, the company develops custom solutions for application-oriented networking and for performing electronic transactions – thereby creating a secure basis for modern eHealth applications.


The Chemnitz-based company digitronic has been implementing IT solutions in the fields of security and secure communication since 1991. Our dynamic and highly-motivated team develops innovative solutions with an unwavering focus on reliability and functionality. Along with two-factor authentication (secure log on) and access protection (department and data safe - crypted group share), a wide range of products for a variety of applications also encompasses formal communication as well as systems for fast and flexible messaging.


Evidian, the Identity and Access Management (IAM) software suite, is part of Bull Atos Technologies. Bull is the Atos brand for its technology products and software. Evidian IAM is the European leader in identity and access management with a presence which is growing rapidly beyond Europe, particularly in Japan and the US. More than 5,000,000 users in more than 900 organizations throughout the world connect to their companies every day and manage their access rights with Evidian identity and access management solutions.


GloboFleet® is known in the transport & logistics branch for it’s innovative, reliable and functional solutions. Since 2007 GloboFleet® has been supporting companies all over Europe in the implementation of the legal requirements in archiving and analyzing digital tachographs. GloboFleet® products convince through their user friendly products and value for all company sizes. The product portfolio ranges from archiving with practical hardware using simple software solutions up to complex data management solutions for international companies regardless of size. From an idea till the final product we rely on “Made in Germany”. Not only do our german customers know to judge our quality factor but also our customers Europe-wide as well.


IDpendant is an expert for IT security solutions, USB tokens, and chip cards. Headquartered in Unterschleissheim near Munich, the company is independent of all manufacturers and offers a wide range of services, including authentication technology, IT security products, Card Management Systems, and solutions for Identity & Access Management (IAM). IDpendant works closely with its clients to adapt its security solutions to the clients' needs: customized project planning, project implementation, and support are available. IDpendant is a one-stop source, employing the most effective technology for any given needs and offering excellent value for money. The company cooperates closely with the world's very best suppliers. Standard interfaces ensure seamless integration into exiting systems. IDpendant is part of the Swiss Trüb Group – a multinational expert for debit, credit, identity, and loyalty cards.


intarsys is one of the leading manufacturers in the electronic signature and PDF/A sector. intarsys also produces software certified according to common criteria for individual, batch and mass signatures, as well as for multiple signatures in complex business processes. Using the product Sign Live! CC, qualified electronic signatures can be created on the basis of smart cards and Cherry card readers. This allows you to endorse your documents with legally-binding signatures. From workplace use for signing individual documents electronically, to high-capacity mass signature on signature servers, the Sign Live! product range provides a suitable solution for every application scenario. All signature products are enhanced by an option allowing documents to be converted into PDF/A before signing them, which is the only ISO document standard for long-term archiving. This combination provides the highest level of security and long-term stability.

iSM Secu-SyS AG

The iSM Secu-SyS AG has over twelve years' experience as a successful solution developer and provider for large and medium-sized companies in the Identity & Provisioning Management and Single Sign-On (SSO) sector. Our extensive experience working on challenging projects, the competent expertise our employees specialise in, and our unwavering customer focus have converged to produce our bi-Cube® product range. Our bi-Cube® solutions feature a standardised design and extensive range of functions, enabling a simple and flexible integration into existing customer system environments. In addition to the standard SSO functions, the Single Sign-On Software bi-Cube® SSO also enables authentication and identification via fingerprint or memory/SFID cards - even in a terminal server environment. The biometric components can be employed for the system log on (in combination with GINA), as well as for protecting individual (e.g. security-related) applications. The extensive experience gained during customer projects makes us a competent partner for intelligent solutions.

Mentana-Claimsoft AG

Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH has been specialising in electronic signatures for over ten years and provides a comprehensive product range for securing electronic documents and for legally binding communication. Since 6th March 2012, Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH has been the first accredited De-Mail service provider. Its fields of expertise include:
  • De-Mail: Binding and confidential exchange of electronic documents on the internet by online letter.
  • Signature products: Mass signature and verification server for qualified signatures in various application scenarios, e.g. electronic invoices, mass scanning in healthcare or archiving and for e-government applications.
  • Retaining evidence value: ArchiSig-compliant long-term archive components for retaining the evidence value of electronically signed documents beyond the algorithm life cycle (TR-ESOR).
  • Intermediary portals: Various portals for the legally safe, electronic exchange of documents.
  • Identity management: Integrated PKI solutions with certificate administration (RA and CA), certificate-based online identification systems.
  • Consulting: Provided independent of the manufacturer and across technologies.


realtime AG, an established and customer-oriented SAP consultation and software company with branches in Langenfeld, Dresden, Hamburg, Constance and the United States has been on the road to success since 1986. As a special expertise partner to SAP, realtime advises brand-name companies operating in the consumer goods industry, pharmaceutical and chemical trades, and automotive sectors. As a service provider, they also support their customers in structuring and optimising company and business processes. realtime provides GRC/SOX-compatible authorisation and security solutions for managing critical processes in SAP. Using the tried-and-tested role administration and analysis tool apm atlantis, companies can implement their SAP authorisation concept conveniently and cost-effectively. To protect the SAP system from unauthorised access, the biometric security solution bioLock secures access and functions by fingerprint. bioLock documents each and every access, and ensures that functions are only performed by a person who is registered in the SAP system and authorised to carry it out.


Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, secrypt specialises in services and software solutions for ensuring the authenticity, tamper resistance and confidentiality of sensitive data in electronic business processes by means of electronic signatures and encryption technology. secrypt offers software solutions for using electronic signatures, smart cards and secure electronic documents. The flexibility and variety of combinations offered by the digiSeal software modules enable the implementation of diverse workflow scenarios. For instance, together with its partners, secrypt offers integrated and comprehensive solutions for electronically dispatching invoices in accordance with the latest changes in legislation.


Protect your company, employees and customers with simpler and stronger authentication. Deploy 2FA in minutes, not weeks. Secfense protects against phishing and other credential theft by enabling any multi-factor authentication on any application.


Sophos provides IT security solutions for endpoint, encryption, e-mail, internet and network access control, all of which make installation and administration easy. The foolproof Sophos operating concept provides IT managers with more time to take care of decisive company matters. Over 100 million users trust in Sophos due to its industry-leading protection from the complex threats existing today. Amongst analysts, the company is considered at the forefront of the industry.


The Systemkom GmbH, founded in 1990, as a full-service an innovative range of offers. It develops software products and provides retailers and gastronomy individual advice, customized hardware, software and services to. Efficiency-enhancing measures is of the utmost importance in modern POS. SystemKom helps customers with the product line SystemPOS to identify and exploit potential savings in operating business. We support our customers with a portfolio that guarantees hardware and software, consulting, technology and service from one source. SystemKom is a strong specialist with a simple goal: maximum productivity and convenience for our customers!

windata GmbH & Co.KG

windata offers financial software solutions that support the use of smart card readers and magnetic card readers.
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