Work more comfortably, more efficiently and in a healthier manner with an alternative mouse concept
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ergonomic product
Extended Warranty*
plastic-free packaging
USB 2.0
Innovative mouse alternative to prevent RSI, mouse arm and other complaints
Comfortable and efficient working in a natural posture
Change from mouse to keyboard without changing hands
Padded palm rest
Fits almost any keyboard thanks to height-adjustable holder
Practical additional buttons for Copy&Paste
Certified by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics
Robust aluminum construction with high-quality compo-nents
Short Manual, Mouse, Palm rest
The CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ is a joint project from CHERRY and the ergonomics experts at Contour Design. Unlike a traditional mouse, you control the cursor by sliding and rolling a roller. The user can click either by pressing on the roller, or using the buttons below. Due to the intuitive operation, only a few hours of familiarization are necessary. After that you won't want to do without your CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ ever again!

Technical Details

Product Details
Max. operating temperature 104 °F
Min. operating temperature 32 °F
Operating system Windows 7 or higher
Width of product without packaging (mm) 3,23 in
Warranty 1 additional year voluntary limited manufacturers warranty
Weight main product 25 oz
Height of product without packaging (mm) 0,94 in
Cable length 6.56 ft
Max. storage temperature 140 °F
Min. storage temperature 5 °F
Length of product without packaging 16,14 in
Scope of delivery Short Manual, Mouse, Palm rest
Software support CHERRY KEYS
System Requirements-Hardware USB-A
Number of keys 8
Illumination no
Thumb buttons yes
dpi switch yes
dpi levels 10
Max. resolution (dpi) 2.800 dpi
Switch type clicky

Work more comfortably, more efficiently and in a healthier manner with an alternative mouse concept

Say goodbye to RSI! Maximum ergonomics for maximum health. Is it possible to completely rethink a computer mouse? Yes, it is! You know what it’s like. Your mouse is to the right of the keyboard. So far, so good. But the wider your keyboard is, the further your right arm moves to the right. Away from your body. Your arm is then in an unnatural position, just try it out for yourself. This causes tension in the shoulder and neck. And we often don’t realise where it comes from. The CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ changes all that. It’s as wide as a keyboard, so your hands are always close to your body.

Roll it! Click it! Move it!

Unlike with a conventional mouse, you control the cursor by pushing and rolling an elongated scroll bar. You can also press the bar to click with it. The trick is that it’s not a real click but a simulated one. This has a huge advantage, because you as the user can customise how hard or gentle the simulated click should be. Do you want to hear a click or not? And if you do, how loud should it be? No other data input device can do this. The intuitive operation means you’ll get used to the CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ in no time at all. And you’ll never want to go back!

Full speed ahead or nice and steady?

Adjust the mouse sensitivity as required at the touch of a button. You can have whatever you want. The movements of the scroll bar are optically scanned at up to 2800 dpi. In plain terms this means it has a very high resolution, is extremely precise and incredibly intuitive. If the cursor moves too fast for you, you can reduce the resolution as far as 600 dpi. But not only the speed can be adjusted – there are also copy, paste and double-click buttons to make working noticeably easier. The CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ is not just healthier, but also more fun to use!

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never want to go back. You can click either by pressing the scroll bar or by using the buttons below it if you prefer the more accustomed way.

alternative mouse

Quality through and through!

The CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ is characterised by its high-quality workmanship and solid construction for comfort and durability. And that’s no wonder, because it’s made from milled aluminium. The imitation leather palm rest has undergone thorough hygiene and abrasion tests and has a very high-quality feel. The keyboard risers are retaining clips that are used to bring the keyboard – no matter how thick or thin, wide or narrow it is – to the same height as the CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™.

Work more comfortably, healthily and efficiently.

The CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ is a joint project between CHERRY and the ergonomics experts at Contour Design. If you suffer from RSI (repetitive strain injury, or "mouse arm syndrome"), the CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ can noticeably relieve the pain. An ergonomic alternative to a conventional mouse can also help with carpal tunnel syndrome, tenosynovitis, ulnar nerve entrapment or simply with tension in the arm, shoulder and neck. And even if you don’t suffer from these problems, with the CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ you can make sure it stays that way and simply enjoy using this unusual and very special mouse. Working with the CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™ is extremely comfortable, efficient and a lot of fun. You can rely on the concept of this mouse. The IGR institute for health and ergonomics has issued a test certificate to confirm the ergonomics and usability of the CHERRY ROLLERMOUSE™.