The best STREAM ever as a wireless keyboard.

Decisive advantages

Maximum productivity:

  • Super silent keystroke
  • Proprietary SX scissor technology
  • Unbeatable typing feel

Highest quality:

  • Rubberized feet for perfect slip resistance
  • Durable key labels
  • Keyboard with AES-128 encryption
  • Integrated metal plate for maximum torsional rigidity
  • “Blue Angel” eco label

Optimum operating comfort:

  • Battery life up to 36 months
  • Status LEDs indicate and low battery level
  • Integrated status LEDs for the CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL keys
  • Keyboard with 10 office & multimedia keys

Very latest design:

  • Low profile
  • GS certificate (full size layout)

3 years
Packaging unit
  • Number of products in outer package: 10
  • Number of outer packages per pallet: 24
  • Keyboard
  • Full-size layout with number pad
  • Key technology: SX
  • Service life of standard key > 20 million strokes
  • 8 anti-slip feet (18 x 4 mm)
  • Status display: Caps lock, Scroll and Num Lock key, battery status (via LED in Scroll key)
  • Number of additional keys: 10
  • Additional key functions: Volume down, sound on/off, volume up, previous track, start/pause, next track, lock PC, browser, e-mail program, calculator
  • Reliability
    MTBF > 80,000 hours
    Packaging dimensions
    approx. 478 x 203 x 25 mm
    Dimensions (product)
  • Keyboard:
  • approx. 462.2 x 162.2 x 23.1 mm (feet folded in)
  • approx. 462.2 x 165.8 x 34.1 mm (feet folded out)
  • Receiver:
  • approx. 19 x 14.5 x 6.5 mm
  • Delivery volume
  • Keyboard
  • Batteries for keyboard (2 x AA)
  • Nano USB receiver
  • Operating instructions
  • Extended manufacturer warranty
  • System requirements
  • USB port (type A)
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • Connection sockets
    Operating temperature
    0 °C to 40 °C, max. 85% humidity
    Storage temperature
    -20 °C to 60 °C, max. 85% humidity
    Transmission range
    approx. 10 m
    Frequency range
    2,400 GHz - 2,4835 GHz
    Total weight (with packaging)
    approx. 1,074 g
    Weight (product)
  • Keyboard: approx. 920 g (incl. battery)
  • Receiver: approx. 3 g
  • Layout (country or language)
    Product dependant, see table "Models"
    Wireless 2.4 GHz



    product details

    The best STREAM ever as a wireless keyboard

    The CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS – the best STREAM ever, now in wireless form! This 2.4ghz cordless keyboard has everything that helped make a name for its wired counterpart. For those who want the CHERRY classic without the cord the STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS is the perfect choice.

    Scissor Technology

    The heart: CHERRY SX scissor technology

    The STREAM family is known for its good typing feel, but what exactly constitutes a good typing feel? We think that precise movement of the scissor mechanism and a defined pressure point are essential. Furthermore, the quality must remain the same over a very long time. Also, the noise level whilst typing must not be disturbing, particularly when several workstations are located in one office as a quiet working environment can increase productivity. It’s a good thing, then, that this wireless keyboard from CHERRY is equipped with whisper-quiet keys.

    Familiar handling – making searching a thing of the past

    The wireless keyboard with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and AES-128 encryption makes tedious key searching a thing of the past. It has a full-size layout and a number pad, which makes operation immediately familiar. Stauts LEDs for CAPS LOCK, NUM and SCROLL LOCK are helpful as they are integrated directly into the key, showing which status LED is activated at a glance. This feature is more commonly found on products at higher price points. A pending battery change is also clearly indicated in good time by the LEDs flashing. However, the long battery life of 36 months ensures that this is a rare occurrence.


    Together for a good future – sustainability & health

    With the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS, we have succeeded in doing away with plastic packaging completely and instead switched to sustainable materials. Another positive aspect is that it has been awarded the oldest of all environmental protection labels, the “Blue Angel” . In addition, the keyboard carries the GS seal “Tested safety”, which is the only legally regulated test mark in Europe, certifying that defined ergonomic and safety standards are met. All these criteria offer guidance when shopping sustainably and when it comes to the health of both you and your employees.

    Are you looking for a maintenance-free and cordless keyboard for frequent typists and do you appreciate the advantages of the CHERRY SX scissor technology? The CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS is the right choice for you. It combines all the advantages of the familiar STREAM KEYBOARD with 2.4 GHz wireless technology, making it a real all-rounder in everyday work.

    product details

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