The all-round gaming mouse – fast in every game, precise at work
The CHERRY MC 1.1 RGB gaming mouse with 6 buttons, 5 of which can be freely programmable, is the perfect all-round mouse. Thanks to its high-quality 6200 dpi PixArt sensor and 2.0 Full-Speed interface, it is precise and fast. In addition to various options for customization in the CHERRY software, numerous settings can also be changed via mouse button combinations. The RGB illumination produces great effects and also displays the selected setting. The mouse is smooth and fast and always feels good in the hand – whether you are gaming or at work.

  • RGB gaming mouse with 6 buttons, 5 of which are freely programmable
  • Precise 6200 dpi PixArt sensor, gradually adjustable via the DPI switch on the mouse or via the software, 220 IPS and acceleration of 30G
  • USB 2.0 Full-Speed interface, supports up to 1,000 report rates, adjustable in four steps
  • CHERRY gaming software to customize mouse settings
  • 3 on-board profiles quickly switches between different games or users
  • Active profile, polling rate, and backlighting can be quickly changed via mouse button combinations
  • Scroll wheel and logo colors indicate active settings
  • Full color spectrum with 16.8 million colors (RGB) and various lighting effects
  • Rubberized translucent mouse wheel, which is ribbed for perfect grip and button function
  • Feels good in the hand thanks to its symmetrical shape and tactile surface texture on the sides
  • Extra flexible cable
  • Large mouse skates

  • SKU
    2 years
    Packaging unit
    Number of products in the master package: 20
    • Sensor: PixartPMW-3327
    • Scanning: optical/ High speed motion detection of 220ips (typical) and acceleration up to 30g (max).
    • Resolution: up to6200 dpi (adjustable);
    • Default preset dpi values: 400, 1000, 2000, 3000, 62000
    • Free adjustable via gaming software.
    • Number of keys: 6, 5 freely programmable
    • Mouse wheel design: scroll wheel with key function
    • Design: symmetric
    • Over 300.000 cycles of scrolling wheel lifetime
    • Over 20 million clicks of mouse left & right buttons lifetime
    Packaging dimensions
    Packaging: approx. 142 x 93 x 48 mm
    Dimensions (product)
    Mouse: approx. 126.96 x 69.91 x 41.77mm
    Delivery volume
    CHERRY MC 1.1
    System requirements
    USB Connection
    USB 2.0
    Operating temperature
    0°C to 40°C
    Storage temperature
    -15°C to 60°C
    Cable length
    approx. 200 cm
    Total weight (with packaging)
    approx. 190 g
    Weight (product)
    approx.137.3 g
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