The original updated: Classic keys, but with state-of-the-art electronics and in a slim housing.


  • Mechanical corded keyboard with original CHERRY MX switches
  • CHERRY MX Technology - All keys are precision, Gold Crosspoint switches "Made In Germany"
  • 16 million color, configurable RGB backlighting
  • Full-N-key rollover for unlimited key input
  • Anti-ghosting prevents unwanted keypresses
  • WIN key lock
  • Durable key lettering

  • SKU
    3 years
    Packaging unit
  • Number of products in master package: 8
  • Keyboard
  • Key technology: MX
  • Service life and characteristics depend on switch specification (see Standard-key actuation between >50 and >100 Millionen granted.
  • Actuation: Product dependant, see table "Models"
  • Labeling technology: Product dependant, see table "Models"
  • Number of keys: Product dependant, see table "Models "
  • Number of additional keys: 4
  • Packaging dimensions
    ca. 460 x 185 x 40 mm
    Dimensions (product)
    ca. 440 x 140 x 35mm
    Delivery volume
  • Keyboard
  • Operating manual
  • System requirements
    Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
    Connection sockets
    Operating temperature
    0 °C to +50 °C
    Storage temperature
    –20 °C to +60 °C
    Cable length
    Ca. 1,80 m
    Total weight (with packaging)
    Ca. 1.094 g
    Weight (product)
    Ca. 810 g
    Layout (country or language)
    Product dependant, see table "Models"

    CHERRY G80-3000N RGB

    G80-3000N RGB

    product details

    The original - then as now: Classic keys, now with state-of-the-art electronics and a smaller housing.

    • Mechanical cable keyboard with original CHERRY MX switches
    • CHERRY MX technology – Gold Crosspoint precision switches "made in Germany"
    • RGB lighting with colour effects in over 16 million colours
    • Full-N-Key rollover – no key input is lost
    • Anti-ghosting – reliably prevents the output of non-actuated keys
    • WIN-Key lock
    • Durable key labelling


    The legend in a new guise

    The CHERRY G80-3000N RGB is a mechanical, wired keyboard. The first version of the G80-3000 appeared back in the 1980s and is still in production today. The new, modern G80-3000N RGB builds on this legend. The classic keycaps still have the same ergonomic shape and typing feel – why change what is already perfect? Completely new features, however, are the contemporary and slimmer housing, the RGB illumination and the state-of-the-art electronics.

    Classic design, reinterpreted

    The housing of this mechanical keyboard has been completely redesigned and is much more contemporary, slimmer and more space-saving than the original version. Nevertheless, keyboard lovers will immediately recognise a kinship: the lines and design language are a nod to the keyboard of the 80s. You won’t find any superfluous bells and whistles in this reinterpretation either.

    G80-3000N mechanical keyboard

    G80-3000N RGB Gaming

    Electronics for a new age

    What you will find immediately, however, is impressive RGB lighting and high-speed electronics. Anti-ghosting prevents ghosting when pressing multiple keys. Full-N-Key rollover allows you to press as many keys as you need at once. Impressive RGB lighting in over 16 million colours provides countless lighting options: from animated, multi-colour effects to subtle, single-colour lighting or customisable single-key illumination, the sky’s the limit for your imagination. Numerous lighting effects and colours can be selected directly from the keyboard. You don’t necessarily need additional software. But if you want more, CHERRY Utility is a powerful software for further customisation.

    CHERRY MX Gold Crosspoint precision switches (made in Germany)

    At the heart of this keyboard are the famous CHERRY MX switches. With a lifespan of at least 50 million actuations per key, you don’t have to worry about the premature demise of your keyboard. The high manufacturing accuracy ensures absolute precision and the inimitable typing feel. The MX SILENT RED switches used are quiet enough to use this keyboard in the office without any problems.

    CHERRY MX Silent Red Switches

    A true multi-talent

    This mechanical keyboard is not only perfect for gamers but also for frequent typists, programmers, in the office and in the industrial sector. The lasered keycaps are completely abrasion-resistant. Durable and reliable due to the extensively proven MX switches. If you are looking for a no-frills all-rounder in flawless quality, then the G80-3000N RGB is the perfect choice for you.

    G80-3000N RGB keyboard



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