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The mechanical keyboards and two fast and high-precision mice available for the first time

Auerbach, 22. september 2020 - Whether a gamer, creator, enthusiast, or simply working in the office - the much-cited Digital Revolution has led to the fact that nowadays, hardly anybody gets by in their professional activity or hobby without a computer. The demands on input devices are as diverse as the users and their interests. However, a common denominator is an expectation that mice and keyboards function precisely, are durable and yet reliable. CHERRY meets all these demands with its mechanical keyboards and high-precision, gaming-grade mice, which, true to the motto "Wherever your work is," are just as suitable for a mobile working environment as for relaxed gaming sessions in the evening. The Auerbach-based company, inventor of the CHERRY MX switches and thus one of the world's leading switch technologies, is now launching its mechanical keyboards and gaming-compatible mice on the Northern European market for the first time.

The CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0 S stands for speed, performance, and precision. The noble continuous-cast aluminum housing integrates the original CHERRY MX switches with all relevant functions for the highest quality. The built-in CHERRY MX Switches guarantee full control of the inputs. The "Made in Germany" switches, are characterized by their haptics, inputs are transmitted precisely at the switching point, and the ergonomic overtravel allows for comfortable typing.

For noise-sensitive applications, CHERRY has the MX SILENT Red Switches in its portfolio. The patented damping effectively minimizes actuation noise without affecting the typical linear MX Red actuation feel.
Thanks to Full N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting, unwanted entries and double or missing letters are a thing of the past - whether during programming, texting, or during an extended after-work gaming session. Especially in the creative phase or in the middle of a game, nothing may slip or wobble. The MX BOARD 3.0 S, therefore, stands on four rubberized feet to ensure the necessary stability.


The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 TKL is a real space-saving wonder. TKL stands for Tenkeyless, meaning that the keyboard has no numeric keypad. The compact high-performance keyboard has numerous lighting options (depending on the model). The abrasion-resistant, lasered keycaps and the extra stable, non-slip mounting feet for individual height adjustment in three steps guarantee long-lasting and robust playing fun.


The CHERRY MX BOARD 8.0 is a compact and elegant gaming keyboard. It impresses with its solid, anodized aluminum housing, high-quality RGB backlighting (depending on variant), and abrasion-resistant keycaps. The proven, mechanical "Made in Germany" CHERRY MX switches with Gold Crosspoint technology guarantee tremendous switching reliability and durability. Full-N-Key Rollover and Anti-Ghosting also go without saying.


With the wired RGB-GAMING-MOUSE CHERRY MC 3.1, you can play as intensely as you can work. This speed and precision are possible thanks to the powerful, high-resolution pixel-type sensor with up to 5,000 adjustable DPI (depending on the version). This means that incorrect entries or jerky cursor movements are no longer an issue. The six freely programmable keys and the illumination modes are stored in the internal memory. The RGB illumination uses the entire color spectrum and can display 16.8 million colors. With the CHERRY button well placed on the top of the housing, the user has immediate access to the CHERRY utility software for adjusting the mouse settings to match the gaming mouse to individual needs perfectly. The CHERRY MC 3.1 has a symmetrical design and can be used by left- and right-handed users alike. This makes the mouse a real all-rounder in everyday office life and gaming.


Detailed work requires a steady hand - no matter if it is editing videos and graphics or the exact selection of code and text lines. This is no problem with the wired CHERRY MC 9620 FPS computer mouse. The resolution of up to 12,000 DPI allows complete control of the cursor at all times, even on high-resolution displays. White status lights indicate the set DPI. For a guaranteed smooth experience, the speed can be adjusted up to 250 IPS (inch per second).

Thanks to its high sensitivity, the mouse is also ideal for gaming after work. The integrated LED RGB illumination can be adjusted with the downloadable CHERRY Gaming Software in the color spectrum of 16.8 million colors. The digital and analog signal processing controls infinitely variable functions, similar to a controller.

The mouse can be adjusted ergonomically to the user via three insertable weights and the palm rest that can be extended in five steps. The Teflon gliding surfaces on the underside ensure stable guidance on almost all surfaces. The high-quality materials and the progressive design allow the mouse to sit perfectly in the hand. The CHERRY MC 9620 FPS mouse is connected directly to the PC or laptop via USB and is immediately ready for use thanks to Plug & Play.

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