Company profile

Cherry, with its operative headquarters in Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Germany, is a globally active manufacturer of high-end switches for mechanical keyboards and of computer input devices. Its business focusses on mechanical keyboard switches for gaming keyboards and on computer input devices used in a variety of settings, mainly for gaming, office, industry, cybersecurity protection as well as solutions for the healthcare sector. Since its foundation in 1953, Cherry stands with its two business areas, Gaming and Professional, for innovative and premium quality products developed specifically for the needs of its customers.

Cherry sells mechanical switches to globally active keyboard OEMs. The company focuses on premium mechanical switches, which are predominantly used in high-end mechanical keyboards. We assess (based on our modeling of the market size (in terms of units) for gaming mechanical keyboards according to TechNavio for 2020 globally) that we had a global market share for mechanical switches of 42% within the relevant market segment of medium-, high- and premium-priced gaming mechanical keyboards.

Business areas


The company’s Gaming business area comprises the business units Gaming Switches and Gaming Peripherals. The Gaming Switches business unit is the world's leading manufacturer of premium mechanical switches for gaming keyboards. Its product portfolio comprises the original CHERRY MX key switch, the CHERRY MX Low Profile key switch, the CHERRY VIOLA key switch, the new CHERRY MX Ultra Low-Profile key switch, which is suitable for laptops, as well as other key switches. Customers of the Gaming business unit comprise many of the world's largest keyboard OEMs as well as Cherry's own Gaming Peripherals business unit, which offers gaming keyboards and mice as well as other peripherals, including gaming headsets, with strong positioning in the growing Asian gaming market.


Cherry’s Professional business area comprises the business units Office & Industry Peripherals and Healthcare & Security Peripherals. The Office & Industry Peripherals business unit mainly offers office keyboards and mice, with a strong focus on the European market and the North American market. The Office & Industry Peripherals business unit has a strong market position, especially in Germany. The product portfolio of our Healthcare & Security Peripherals business unit comprises telematics peripherals and other peripherals for the healthcare market ("eHealth" products), including keyboards and smart terminals. Cherry’s eHealth products are produced mainly for the German telematics market, where the company is one of only two providers of peripherals that have been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security and approved by the Gesellschaft für Telematik, the German government body set up to oversee the development of a fully-digitalized healthcare system. Furthermore, the business unit produces secure keyboards and mice as well as point-of-sales keyboards with card-readers.

Company structure

Cherry AG is the strategic management and financial holding company of the Cherry Group. It performs the central management function and coordinates the group's shared services such as financing and treasury, accounting and controlling, IT, business development, human resources, purchasing and public relations.

The Cherry Group is headed by Cherry AG, which has two direct wholly-owned subsidiaries: Cherry Europe GmbH (Auerbach, Germany) and Cherry Digital Health GmbH (Munich, Germany). In addition, Cherry Europe GmbH has further wholly-owned subsidiaries based in Zhuhai (China), Hong Kong (China), Kenosha (Wisconsin, USA), and Paris (France). Cherry Digital Health GmbH is the vehicle through which Cherry holds the 100%-owned subsidiaries Active Key GmbH (Munich, Germany) and Theobroma Systems und Design Consulting GmbH (Vienna, Austria).

Cherry operates two highly automated state-of-the-art production facilities in Auerbach, Germany (which also serves as headquarters of the Group), and Zhuhai, China, as well as a smaller factory focused on our eHealth terminals based in Vienna, Austria, in addition to several sales offices in Auerbach, Paris, London, Kenosha (USA), Taipei and Hong Kong. As of March 31, 2021, Cherry had more than 500 employees (FTE).

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