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Umwelt und Nachhaltigkeit bei CHERRY

Consistent protection of our living environment is a declared goal of CHERRY and an integral part of our corporate policy. Environmentally compatible procurement, environmentally compatible and energy-efficient production, and almost complete recycling of our products at the end of their life cycle: environmental protection is a green thread running through all business areas of our company. Find out about the following topics:


The Blauer Engel eco-label for computer input devices

CHERRY was the first manufacturer of keyboards to be awarded the Blauer Engel eco-label back in 1994 and has been able to continue to certify its products following the periodic updates to the criteria. The world's first eco-label will continue to be an orientation for environmentally friendly purchasing on CHERRY products in the future.

Our products certified with the „Blauer Engel“ eco-label

Blauer Engel products CHERRY


What does the Blauer Engel seal mean?

The Blauer Engel is the German government's certificate for particularly environmentally friendly products and services. The eco-label has been around for more than 40 years - now for many different product areas, including keyboards, for example. When making a purchase decision, the Blauer Engel can be of particular importance. The seal of quality guarantees that the products meet high standards in terms of environmental, health, and usage properties. This means that products awarded the Blauer Engel are more environmentally friendly than comparable conventional products.

Blauer Engel - explained in the CHERRY LAB

CHERRY Product Manager Stefanie Mayer explains what makes products awarded the Blauer Engel so special:

Blauer Engel

Criteria for the certificate Blauer Engel

The Blauer Engel logo serves as a guide for sustainable purchasing. Therefore, the award of the label requires demanding standards for environmentally friendly products. The essential criteria for awarding the Blauer Engel eco-label to CHERRY keyboards are:

  • Durability and repairability of the product
  • Construction structure and connection technology of the product
  • Recyclable construction
  • Choice of materials and labeling
  • Ergonomic properties of the keyboard and noise emission


Henning Scholtz about CHERRY and the Blauer Engel

"The Blauer Engel eco-label stands for demanding standards and only those products and services that are better from an environmental point of view are awarded the Blauer Engel. We are pleased that CHERRY keyboards have been complying with the ever-increasing requirements of the ecolabel since 1994. The Blauer Engel is an important decision criterion for consumers as well as for public procurement or in B2B business when it comes to environmentally friendly purchasing."

RA Henning Scholtz, Former head of Environment at RAL gGmbH

CHERRY products with the Blauer Engel award

Various CHERRY products have been awarded the Blauer Engel for many years. Consideration of environmentally compatible material selection begins as early as the initial concepts for new products - in compliance with the international REACH and RoHS requirements. This also takes into account the avoidance of so-called "conflict minerals" and optimized transport routes in the supply chain. The detailed designs of our Blauer Engel products are geared towards energy-efficient production and an almost complete recycling concept. Thanks to competent disposal partners, this also includes the recycling of outdated production facilities: "Scrapping" becomes "Dismantling and Reusing." Efficient. Environmentally friendly. Cost-optimized.

Blauer Engel products offer the following advantages for the environment:

  • Durable
  • Recyclable construction

To the CHERRY products with Blauer Engel seal

CHERRY products Blauer Engel

Environment and sustainability at CHERRY

In addition to a comprehensive range of products certified with the Blauer Engel eco-label, we at CHERRY pay attention to other environmentally and customer-friendly aspects:

We ensure personal support for our customers - even after the purchase - through our expert service. This advises free of charge in the event of a problem and provides unbureaucratic help with spare parts in the event of damage. Would you like more information? Please use our contact form in the service area.

Furthermore, we provide recycling passports that give detailed information about the material and condition of the individual products. This allows you to dispose of your CHERRY product in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. You can find the recycling passports in our download area.

But that's not all: Our product packaging is also easy to dispose of, as it is predominantly plastic-free. It is a matter of great concern to us to push this project even further and to do without plastic in all our packaging.

All information on the environment and on sustainability at CHERRY is summarized briefly and concisely in our e-paper.

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